WIWS…traditional blue and red, of course.

With this move happening, and the living with my parents happening and being pregnant happening, St. Patrick’s Day took a back seat this year. Usually I like to get a little festive. You know, wear a green shirt and eat cabbage or something. We do it up right. However, Mike and I are going to go on a date while we have live-in sitters. I plan to drink water. It should be exciting.

Most of our clothes are in a storage unit, so pinch me.


blazer: Nordstrom Rack
shirt: Target
bump: 30 weeks, I think?
unseen navy leggings uniform: JC Penny
hair: no time to wash and still late for Mass despite the fact that we left the kid home because she is sick (hungover? I jest.) for another March 17.

Go see more ladies at FLAP. Lucky you!

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  1. I love your top! Very cute! And as far as the storage unit/lack of festiveness… there’s always next year. ;)

  2. very nice cut on that blazer. Love it!

  3. YOu are so teeny! At 30 weeks, people would ask me “How many more days?” Who am I kidding, they ask me that at 20 weeks!

    • Aw, thanks, Colleen. I actually needed to hear that. I was started to feel pretty large and not in charge. But, I have to keep in mind, all women grow differently when pregnant, and we all look beautiful :)

  4. Date! So lucky!

  5. Super cute blazer! Have fun on your date!

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