WIWS: Summer White vs. Winter White + Mantilla Link Up

Mike does not believe me that this is a thing: I told him this weekend was the last weekend this year to wear Summer white. I will have to break out my Winter whites after this. Sigh. Dudes.

Anyway, my outfit. Here she be:

photo (1)

I felt super soccer mom in this getup, but, you know, if the van fits.

top & skirt: Target
shoes: Topsiders
hair clip: Lilla Rose (review coming soon)
sailboat: Just kidding. I don’t have a sailboat. This picture looks like it needs more sailboat.

And, if you veiled at Mass this week, make sure to link up with the Mantilla Link Up.

FLAP for more.

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  1. I’m fine. One hundred percent ok. This is when my hard head comes in handy. However I do still try to eak out some sympathy when it comes to making dinner. “Babe, I’d love to make dinner but my head is just killing me…” I don’t think he buys it but I’m going to try and get away with it as long as I can, lol

  2. I second the sailboat idea :) and while I don’t fully understand this veil thing, you look really pretty while doing it. That is probably not your goal but you look great anyway. Or this is just my concussion talking. Either one.

  3. I didn’t know there was a difference in whites either…. But I’m not very fashionista. The outfits are both so cute. I did not think “soccer mom” at all but lol’d at “if the van fits”! I love Ellen’s shoes!! :-)

  4. I have absolutely no fashion sense and follow very few fashion rules (matching never was a strong point!), but I do adhere to the “no summer whites” and “no seersucker clothing” rule from Labor Day to Memorial Day. I just can’t do it!

    I made my way to your blog via FLAP.

    • I totally agree with the seersucker sentiment too. It just doesn’t look right in the Fall. Plus, by the end of Summer, I am really in the mood for all of those warm and cozy fall colors and textures!

      Thank you for stopping by. Did you link up with FLAP this week?

  5. I done gone yella-belly on your link up! I had every intention, thought I could find one at Fuchs (wrong-o!). Then I was going to order one, but the only visions running through my head were less beatific and more horrific as two crazies took turns pulling and throwing said veil. Thus, yella-belly. Still loving that white skirt, too! :)

  6. You look so great in Navy and white :) As a Navy sister, I’m partial to those colors anyway. So good to see you at Mass! <3

  7. Classy! I <3 navy blue and white and Sperry's.

  8. Ooo…I love your summer white skirt! And, you definitely look like you need a sailboat.

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