WIWS: Dressing Up a T-Shirt

I don’t even want to go into today. Today was a day. Let’s just leave it at that. Everybody gets an F, and we will try again tomorrow. I’m just going to focus on what was good today.

1. I ran into Iris from Country Girl’s Daybook. Turns out she and I are going to the same church. She was super sweet, and I am looking forward to running into that gal more often. Love my Mich peeps.

2. My new shoes are THE shoes. These shoes have belonged to me and my heart since the day they were manufactured.

3. Dressing up a T-shirt is my kind of outfit. I love Old Navy vintage Ts paired with a skirt. Then I throw on some sparkles and a scarf. I’m dressed fast enough to make it to church only five minutes late. Record time.

PicMonkey Collage

scarf: DSW, necklace/bracelet: our little downtown, shoes: Chinese Laundry at DSW, skirt: jcrew via ThredUp – and, would someone please teach me about Windex? Apparently I am unfamiliar.

Head to FLAP for more pretties.

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  1. you always look cute! At least in your photos (since I’ve never seen you in person :( ) Love those shoes, too! Might have to search for those!

  2. Yes! The shoes! I love them! And you look adorable!

  3. Cute shoes! And Old Navy vintage tees are just so comfortable. I love ‘em.

  4. Again, it was so nice to meet you all today! Y’all hide the F very well. ;) (Also, I love your shoes and that scarf.)

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