What I Wore Sunday vol. 5 & Gospel Reflection

Last week I wore sweats and a raggedy old t-shirt. I also wore a nice, snotty nose and flu-like chills. Needless to say, we stayed in last Sunday. Today, in much better health, and in MI with our families, we got to go to Mass at the church we were married at, and we saw lots of old friends. It made me feel oh so happy. If you are a sicky sick today and didn’t get to go to Mass, here is your Gospel Reflection for the day. If you’re here to look at my sweet digs, then look no further (except a little further down, maybe).

Blazer: Forever 21
Necklace: Borrowed from ma mamma…Kohls
Polyester Shirt (yeah!): Nordstrom Rack
Leggings: Target?
Boots: DSW
Ellen: Sleeping because Mike and I went to 8:30 pm Mass…Catholic date

Check out the ladies at Fine Linen & Purple for more sweet outfits.

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  1. says

    a little obsessed with that blazer- you look incred in it.

    p.s. hope its ok that i linked to you today, prob should have checked before i did it