What I Wore Sunday & Gospel Reflection 2.17.13

Went to a later Mass today since we were virtual home shopping this morning. People kept telling me that buying a home was a pain. No disagreeing from me. On to the pretties:


I was told I needed to jazz things up a bit. It doesn’t get much better, really.
Bonus: you get a little look into my morning get-ready spot. So, there you go.

bump: 26 weeks
sweater: Target
scarf: stole it from my mother
leggings: JC Penny (on sale for $3!)
always boots: DSW

Fine Linen and Purple Now
Gospel Reflection

some text


  1. You’re such an original, Jenna–those blue leggings are such a good alternative to the standard black! And your bump is adorable =)

  2. I love those boots. Great outfit.

  3. looking good, mama!!

  4. Love the whole combo. Hope the house hunt goes smoothly!

  5. You are adorable. :)

  6. momma’s going to treat you to a new do.. color and all with Tracey.. she’ll take good care of you. xo Maybe Kristen will be there too :)

  7. smokin’

  8. Too cute! Love the bump and the boots. Good luck house hunting!

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