What I Wore Sunday & Gospel Reflection 12.23.12

I so wish I was doing What I Wore Sunday for realzies today, but alas, pregnancy woes have kept me home. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty, but I am pretty swollen and in some considerable pain. It’s nothing serious, I’m sure, but it’s enough to put me on bed rest yesterday and today. At least I am at home where I have lots of people to take care of me. Anyway, if I was well enough to stand up and get a picture of myself, this is what you would see. It’s from Polyvore, so it’s not exactly what I’m wearing, but it’s pretty similar. So, you get the idea. I ain’t lookin’ like no shlub just because I have to sit on the couch, ammiright?

Dressy Sunday
So, say a prayer that I am up on my feet soon. I’ve got some serious pie baking to do! And, if you didn’t get a chance to go to Mass like me, here is your Gospel Reflection.
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  1. Hope you get better soon!!

  2. Oh no! Hope you’re better soon! At least your outfit isn’t suffering while you’re down ;)
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Don’t you love Polyvore? While I have a Pinterest, I’d certainly say that Polyvore is the more dangerous time-waster ;-)

  4. Oh man…I really hope you feel better soon girl! And totally cute outfit. Totally.

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