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Ellen got to feed Sam for the first time yesterday. As I was walking in the door, my mom was thawing some milk. Oh well, it was worth the moment.



You people are going to think me cray, but I started playing “school” with Ellen in the mornings. I am talking 20 minutes of coloring things with the letter A on them, putting some stickers on paper, watching Youtube, then tacking her work on a cork board. We’re just sampling home schooling right now since it is always on my mind. And, we’re just having a little fun. Since I don’t have to make her do anything, we can be chill about it. If she doesn’t want to one day, we play something else. Speaking of play…



My St. Dymphna chaplet from Rosaries by Allison. I will be writing a post about her shop for CatholicMom.com in November. Will I ever get over mint and coral? Nope.



This is the last weekend it will be open. It’s closing in about 4 days. Cover yo’ head.


And win yerself a Flexi while you’re at it. You know, for when your head is not covered.



Finally, here are some titles of posts I am putting up soon (either here or as a guest post elsewhere). And, I’m giving you a job: Make up a post title for me. It can be anything you want. Then, I will write a post based on what I think the title is about. Come on. It will be fun.

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Advice (that I should probably take) for Teaching Your Toddler About Modesty

Compare-a Mascara

My Dirty Little Content Secrets

Two Truths and a Lie


Joining Jen. That’s how I do.

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