tl;dr February

Up at 3am with Sambone the Hambone because he craves some midnight oil in his cereal just like his mama. And, I know you’re all, “I’m going to read blogs while the game is on and just watch the commercials.” But then the commercials come on, and you’re like, “Wait, I have children and these commercials are all naked,” so you just keep reading blogs.

I’m right. I’m right, right?

So, at 5am (yes, we had our cereal and browsed FB for pictures of Dada, and we’re still awake), I tapped out a little tl;dr just for you. You specifically.


Go team! Be aggressive! And don’t forget to link up your tl;dr below-oh oh oh.

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  1. says

    I cannot even say how impressed I am that you read five books this month! I’m not even sure if I’ve finished five books in the last year! I think I need to make some sort of reading goal for this year…

    And you totally have a triple excuse for staying in the house between being in the homestretch of pregnancy, the winter cold up here and everyone being sick. We hardly left the house in January too. Right now we’re debating Mass with the nine inches of snow we’re supposed to get this morning… and I guess someone needs to make the decision in this house soon because Mass starts in 26 minutes…

  2. Kari says

    So, what did you think of the books?? It would be great to hear if they’re worth reading.

    I am with you on the late pregnancy annoyance of being up in the middle of the night (but luckily my kids haven’t been up too!) – I am 36 weeks today.

  3. says

    The special font here in the comment area is very pretty, but it’s hard to read. I’m not sure if I typed my email address right. :/

    I didn’t just come down here to grumble, though. I am tickled that the previous two posters are my buddies already. I totally read their blogs. Elizabeth and I are starting a hipster band called Two-Person Cool Kids Club (but not really).