I was stoked to see so many of you helping me not look like a fool last time. You guys. Thanks. Ready for more tl;dr? Wait. What is tl;dr? Do your homework. Then, link yours up below. Here’s my tl;dr of late:

  • We’re having uh bay-bay. Due 2.18.15.
  • Anna is joining me here on Call Her Happy. Once a month you can hang out with her, but just don’t start liking her more than me. Or at least don’t tell me about it. She’s that sweet.
  • I started using doTerra essential oils more recently. I am still a skeptic (I’m not sure it is curable), but I like them nonetheless.
  • Mike and I are redoing our backyard. He just ordered the materials a few days ago. So, if you want to chat about pavers and pergolas, don’t talk to me. I’m darn near sick of it already.
  • We are trying to spend more time outside each day because I love florescent lights and air conditioning, but…
  • The kids have been sick for dayzzzzzz. All of the classic sick fluids.
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    Super exciting about that baby! Congrats! We have been working our our front & backyard for about 2 years now, the front is finally done, and boy can the back not get finished fast enough! I’m tired of seeing dirt! Also my SIL does the doTerra oils thing and gave us some lavender to help calm the girls down at night, and I’m not quite a believer of it yet either! Happy Tuesday!

  2. says

    i do love air condition. no sarcasm. today’s high is 96, ‘real feel’ above 100…yes, i love me some a/c. flourescent lights, eh. sick fluids, definitely not a fan. ;)

  3. says

    Here’s my comment version in response to you TL;DR post.

    1. Baby, baby, baby! I love their little feet and necks. Seriously, I could smell that all day.
    2. I will never tell you that I like anyone more than you. I’m a good friend like that.
    3. I am a total skeptic of oils, unless it’s Neutrogena Bath oil for my ashy legs, then, winner.
    4. Pavers and pergolas? Um, all I know is HGTV, so we’re good there.
    5. The more time I spend outside, the more my allergy to the sun flares up. You read that right. I’m allergic. But that’s not stopping me from getting some Vitamin D everyday. I’m a rebel.
    6.Kids had hand, foot, mouth disease just as we left for vacation. Yay. I better be good for the rest of the year.

    P.S. Sorry 5 and 6 were long. This is hard!!!