This Valentine’s Day, learn to be a good housewife, why dontcha?

I had way too much fun with this last night. The #cathsorority ladies and I sized each other up. I don’t want to brag. But I’m totally Average.


I learned a lot too:

A woman should never warm her cold feet against her husband.

Unfortunately, not only do I walk around in stocking feet, I walk around in bare feet. And clip my toe nails on the couch. Poor Mike.

I don’t even want to know what my husband thinks of my Lincoln Park After Dark after reading about the demerits of red nail polish.

I do get points for serving balanced meals, but the veggies are often from a can. So really, it’s a wash.

Thankfully, I can rest assured that I am a good wife because I don’t do dope, smoke in bed or save children’s punishment for when dad gets home (Ain’t nobody got time for that!). But I do often forget to wash the top of the milk jug and shampoo Mike regularly. Well, crap.

When I asked Mike his opinion about all of this, he paused his video game and said I was committing a modern day demerit #20.

A big ol’ failure like me? Instead, how about cover your hubby in prayer, plan date nights together, laugh with each other and never, ever say this.

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  1. OOh I can tell you I’d be single if this was set in stone. Always makes up first? Ha! I’m always right, who are you talking to? I love that you are wearing Lincoln Park after Dark bc that’s currently on my toes. I love it!

    • A crafty woman always knows how to redirect blame! And LPD is a fave of mine. That and nude. Both ends of the spectrum.

  2. debbie mchardy says:

    wow! I fail big time…however, he has put up with me for nearly 30 years, so I guess there’s something that’s keeping him around!

  3. Hahahaha – can’t stop laughing!

  4. Poor Mrs. George W. Crane, Ph D, M D.

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