The Warmth of Heaven & Gospel Reflection 11.4.12

I had a wonderful birthday, per usual. I have great peeps in my life. Ellen bought me some navy nail polish, gave it to me and then threw up Goldfish on it. Mike decided that my birthday theme this year was going to be relaxation: the new DMB cd, a coloring book (very relaxing to me, so what?), and a membership to a massage therapist. That’s like seven massages in the next six months. He’s mine. All mine.

After some {cooked, don’t freak} sushi dinner, I decided that I wanted to go to Mass at St. Agnus in St. Paul (Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint-y Saint) for All Souls’ Day. I love going to Mass on weeknight evenings, but I loathe it on Sundays. Sundays are all about morning Mass. You’re caring a lot, I can see.

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Anyway, the Mass was in Latin, and the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Agnus Choir performed the entirety of Mozart’s Requiem during the Mass; it was beyond beautiful. The church was Gothic Revival (mm hmm), and it just added to the ambiance. We walked in to the choir and orchestra echoing off of the ornate walls and ceiling. And, just read some of the translation:

Remember, O blessed Jesus
That I am the cause of Your way
Do not ruin me on that day.
You sat down wearied, seeking me
You redeemed me, having suffered the Cross
May such great labor not be in vain.

I fell for those words. Then, everything went silent. And the choir exploded to announce the Gospel. I remember thinking, “This is how the Gospel should be announced!” It sent chills up my spine, and I teared up. Mike looked at me and said, “I feel like I am in heaven.”

And at that moment, I felt it too. This feeling of warmth came over me. I don’t know how to describe it. Wait, yes I do. It felt like urine…all over my lap. Ellen peed all over my lap at this exact, holy moment. And, I snapped out of my momentary bliss to run downstairs to the decrepit Gothic Revival bathroom to wring pee out of my clothes and change a soaked toddler.

And that, ladies and gents, is what being a parent is all about. Anyway, here is your Gospel reflection for today. May your Sunday be as warm (but not as wet) as our beautiful moment.



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    That is pretty funny. And classic Birthday Wishes from a toddler to parent. Don’t get too comfy in your celebration, right? Thanks for linking up!