Because when we are successful in our works as mothers, Jesus is visible in three ways.

Once I mentioned to Mike that I thought being a mother was a lot like the life and crucifixion of Christ. Then he laughed at me, and told me I thought highly of myself.

Now, it’s not that Mike doesn’t think that a mother’s job is the most important. He reminds me of that often. But, I still want to make my case for my analogy. Because it’s Mother’s Day. And I have 20 minutes to myself right now. So, I decided to blog? Yep. I did.

We often compare ourselves to (or look up to rather) the Proverbs 31 woman or Mother Mary, but what about Christ? How is it that we can see the parallels of our vocation with His life and works? And why is that significant?

Because when we are successful in our works as mothers, Jesus is visible in three ways: instilled in the lives of our children, seen through our obedience, and most interestingly, by imitating the very things that define who Christ is.


We begin our work as a mother with pregnancy and the pains of labor. And, more than just a punishment for the Garden of Eden, I believe that the physical pains beginning motherhood reflect Jesus’ time on the cross. His redemptive suffering brought us all the miracle of new life, and God designed us to do the same.

After labor is done, we are left with the scars. Our bodies are never the same. We have been through a battle, and we have the permanent marks to prove it. Instead of feeling ashamed of this, remember that Jesus had wounds too. And His wounds will provide us with a new spiritual body in Heaven. Think of this when you view your new body on earth.

As the years pass, we are called to serve the most vulnerable – our children. This job starts from the moment they are conceived and never ends as every mother hopes to pray for her children from Heaven. And, if you’re paying attention, I don’t think I need to point out Who the master of service is.

Finally, just as God did for all of His children, we also open the gates of Heaven for our children (who we are grateful to borrow on earth) through educating them in the faith. Jesus, our Divine Teacher guided us on earth and is leading us to our final home.

So, are mother’s on par with our Lord? Hah. I wish I were. But, I believe God designed our vocation to mimic the life of His Son so that God’s work would be felt on earth for each and every one of His children. And, what better way to get to Heaven than to imitate The Man himself?

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers with children on earth and children in Heaven. Happy Mother’s Day to future mothers and motherly women.

Keeping with the sentimental tone, let’s look at what I wore today!




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    I’ve totally thought this before! :-) Especially when I was having a very difficult pregnancy. I kept thinking about how my kid would never fully understand the suffering and sacrifices I made while I was pregnant with him. And then I thought about how Christ suffered and gave his own life for all those people who would never understand or fully appreciate it. But He did it anyway because of how much He loves all of us. It was crazy to connect to just a little bit of what He went through.