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Named for Proverbs 31:27-29 (NRSV), this blog shares my love of  faith, family, food, crafts, books, mom stuff and other hard-hitting issues. It’s your daily dose of Catholic living. My hope is that by living joyfully, my children will one day rise up and call me happy.


this is me.


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Hi Internet friends! My name is Jenna, wife of Mike, mother of Ellen, wrangler of Sam, food source of Theo. I am a graduate of Michigan State University where I studied English education. Go Green! A former high school English and Journalism teacher, I now spend my days at home with three hooligans. I like to pull things off shelves, find things that aren’t childproofed yet, and scream when someone takes away my iPhone. No. Wait. Sam likes to do those things. Yes, sorry. It’s Sam. Please tell me your life is like this. Let’s talk about our lives, ok?

Here is what you’re in for: I mostly talk about life, books, food (what am I forgetting?) from a Catholic mom perspective. Are you ok with that? Well, gosh. That’s good.

If you’re looking for recipes, I guess I can help. My husband and I love to cook and eat. I have never met a potato that I did not like, and Mike is a lasagna aficionado. A perfect meal for me? Give me a platter of fruits, cheeses, meats, breads and veggies and a big ol’ glass of wine. Guzzle.

Ideas for celebrating and family fun? Sure! My best Halloween costume had to be Bubblegum Under the Table in third grade. I’m still tracking down pictures of that one. Recently though, my favorite costume was when I was a Mom…before I became, you know, a mom: mom jeans, white sneakers, catch-all purse, suede Red Wings hat and shirt which read “Sports Mom.” Kind of a reminder of what not to wear now, as much as the temptation may pull.

I have a fondness for good grammar and good books. I can’t spell, but I love to write. My greatest loves of all are my faith and my family. They both love me, frustrate me and encourage me to grow. Gosh darn. I like ’em.

Learn a little more about me here. Or don’t.

Some links and images throughout my blog contain affiliate links. Momma’s gotta make the bucks somehow. Opinions and schtuff like that are always mine.