Spring Stitch-a-Long Oopdate

Did you start yet? What are you doing today? Starting? I was thinking about running the Spring Stitch-a-Long until the end of May, then, if we likey, I’ll throw another one up for Summer. Let me know, dears. Here are some peeps who are lapping you:

Gina from Someday Saints got through the hardest part: transferring and hooping it. The rest is easy street, my friends.


Dweej from House Unseen went thrifting and got some supplies and sweet kicks. Will she keep it up while she bakes pointy bird?


Hannah is on top of it. Colors picked, pattern transferred, hooped, and well on her way to beating up all of you with her skills that kills. I love the colors she chose. Beautiful.




So get off your keister and start it up. #callherhappystitchalong


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    Hannah’s progress makes me want to come play too! So pretty! I walked past the hoopy aisle in Walmart a few weeks ago and had a hoop and needles and pretty string in my hands –but had to denyyyy. Maybe I’ll set it as a personal reward once I can get some organizing under my belt and I can join a summer stitch along!

  2. says

    Well…my progress has stalled since I took that picture you so kindly featured! haha! I did buy more thread, so maybe tonight I’ll do some more. Or eat Oreos. Or both. :P

  3. says

    I’m almost done but the amount of mental exertion its taking to figure out what colour to stitch the rocks at the bottom is just a bit overwhelming. I may never finish.