Spiritual Book Recs that I Can’t Speak For

Last week, I mentioned that I was looking for a bit-o-spiritual reading. So, of course, the next day I ran out to the local Catholic book establishment with both kids to leisurely browse the selection while praying for guidance and clarity and that God would show me to what I needed to hear in my life right now. With both of my kids. Heh.

Translation: I reshelved massive amounts of books and walked out with all of the new St. Pope JP2 medals and holy cards. Oh, I did take this pic too.


BUT, a few of you did recommend some books, and I thought I’d share the know. If you’ve got anything else on any topic at all, you know where to find me.

  • Is That Really You God by Loren Cunningham
  • Grace The Power To Change by James Richards
  • Crazy Love by Francis Chan
  • The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn
  • The Catholic Youth Bible

I haven’t read any of these yet because I was just told about them last week and do you think I am some kind of super reader? So, I can’t attest to their good-ness. But, if you have thoughts, lay ’em on me.



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  1. says

    Lamb’s Supper: get ready to have your mind blown and you entire view of the Mass change. That is what it did for me. Happy Reading!

  2. says

    Just recently found your blog, and I love it. A book rec for ya- Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voscamp. Its not Catholic, but its REALLY amazing and hits home to a mothers heart and impacted me spiritually way more then I was expecting!

  3. says

    The Fulfillment of all Desire, by Ralph Martin, is fantastic. I was actually assigned reading it as a penance once (I know, right?) and am so glad I was. It takes all those theological books you vaguely feel like you “should” read (St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, etc. etc.), and unpacks them in such a beautiful, accessible way that I actually found myself hunting down a highlighter to write in the book- something I haven’t done since college!

  4. Anne says

    Anything by Fr Jacques Phillippe!! My favorite is Interior Freedom, but I also loved Searching For and Maintaining Peace. And just read The Way of Trust and Love (a retreat he preached drawn from St Therese) and am currently reading Thirsting for Prayer. So good! His books are simple and easy to read but they really hit you over the head :-) Also easy to read a little and put down.

    And another I am loving is Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire. AWESOME.

    Happy reading!!!

    • Laura Mike says

      I second The Way of Trust and Love. We used it for a retreat last fall and it was great and short. I’ll lend it to you if you want. :-)

  5. says

    New follower here! I don’t have any books to recommend, though I’m pinning this post for future reference. I just wanted to say that I love that photo of you and your littles, and that I chuckled when I read about your trip to the Catholic book store. I have three under age 7 and I can so relate! Thanks for sharing your experiences in Catholic motherhood – I like having your posts in my blog roll.

  6. says

    One of my all-time faves is your picture–have you read it? The Book of Saints for Catholic Moms–definitely a winner.

  7. says

    I third the Jacques Phillippe rec. . . . Also, Story of a Soul (St Therese autobiograpy) and Introduction to the Devout Life. It’s a good, well, introduction. ;-) Written a long time ago but still applicable today. It’s broken up into short chapters.

  8. says

    Meant to comment when this was first posted! Definitely second Cari’s recommendation of Fulfillment of All Desire by Ralph Martin. My spiritual director gave it to me when we first met and I am forever grateful. So much wisdom broken down in such a brilliant way.