Simple Construction Birthday Checklist

My mom and dad throw great, extravagant parties, but that’s just not my gift. Simplicity is my gift. Also, waiting until the last minute is a new gift I inherited. I birthed it right along with my children.

Back on topic, Jenna. Haley’s post really spoke to me, and I have kept it in mind while party planning. It’s not that I wouldn’t LOVE to throw a huge, expensive bash, but simple is really more my style and stress level.



Cake: chocolate/chocolate cake, construction toys for topper, candy corn
Decorations: yellow, black and orange balloons, streamers, tableware, caution tape, construction toys from around the house
Snacks: use construction toys to hold snacks
Tip: keep decorations focused in one area for the biggest effect; spreading it around the whole house will just make it feel sparse


Friend, I didn’t even make that cake. Store bought; so haute. I did decorate it though to be clear. I will take all the credit for that creativity.


Even if you do make the cake and you mess it up, it’s supposed to be like that. You win.


Do you know how many stores I went to for caution tape? Easily the most effort exerted for this party. A lot of very cautious people around here.


She put chips in a hard hat? No she didn’t. I did.


Snacks in the trucks! Now you’ve seen everything!


St. Joseph the Worker. Get it?


Yeah. That’s a library book back there. It has a truck on it so it belongs.

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  1. Oh so creative!! And cute!!!!

    I’m like you, simple. Well, you know, not simple-minded. A simple outlook. ;) Almost anything (or nothing, as the case may be) for less stress. Although, I have to watch how far I take that sometimes because I can veer off into sheer laziness.

  2. Awesome! I’m a big birthday party fan and this theme & ideas are going on my list! You say you like it simple, but this looks like you put a lot of time & effort into it! Way to go! I’m sure Sam loved it all! Did he try to dump the trucks with the goodies in it? :)

  3. Haha LOVE how st Joseph the worker is thrown in the mix!!! Cute party!! I love throwing fun extravagant parties!

  4. Doing this next year. Mark it down.

  5. Oh wow! I love this! My 2 and a half year old son loves trucks, tractors, and bulldozers! I might steal this idea for his next birthday. :)

  6. I love it! (Zeke’s birthday party? Mmm maybe not. It might remind him of his too long to-do list and incite a panic attack.) Super, super cute. I’ll have to put this in the recesses of my brain!

  7. Love everything about this! Haley’s post resonated with me too. Simple is beautiful and let’s love do the rest of the decorating. Like I said before, hoping my toddler falls major in love with trucks before his 3rd this June so I can copy! Haha, I’d rather the trucks to his love of donuts…

  8. I chuckled out loud at “St. Joseph the Worker. Get it?” haha So great. I like this birthday party theme!

  9. I love the cheesy poofs in the dump truck and the library book. Clutch. :)

  10. This is genius! Taking notes for a possible birthday theme this year. But, the serious question: When did caution tape become bilingual?

  11. Just to be clear, you bought a plain chocolate cake and decorated it yourself right?


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