Sick Clicks

I still love this.

I still love this.

If you don’t love a good weight loss story, get out. Heather looks bomb.

Straight up, I have not even read this post yet, but I’m just going to tell you it is wonderful because Meg wrote it. She has never let me down before, and I assume that today will not be that day. So, if you’re looking to start up a prayer life, she has your numero uno stepo right here.

We do quiet time in our house, but we are not nearly as awesome at it as Janssen is. I’m going to get as awesome as Janssen is. I think instead of a digital clock though, I will be on the hunt for a 2hr hour glass. If you see one, holler.

It’s not even a secret that I need one of these. Imagine the baguettes I could buy. Or the bunches of wildflowers I’d gather. Or, realistically, how many Cheerios my kids could drop in it before I really needed to clean it out.

Mike and I are designing a patio right now, and I have told him exactly 76 times what I want (and it is always the same) yet he insists on making me look through catalogues erry night. Now I’m just:

oc (1)

Oh, and Sam is done nursing now, so Mike and I are planning a night out:


But, I’m pregnant, so really:



some text


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    Thank you for today’s post, it really touched a place in my heart, I am not a Catholic, but have a little book on becoming one and I am overweight (and a bit nutty), I feel as though you have sent those two lovely ladies into my life for a reason.

    How is the new bub coming along? Hope no morning sickness? xo

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    Excellent round up of clicks! And I know what you mean about your husband wanting to be too productive in the evenings. Alex always wants my opinion on things after 10 pm. I’m pretty sure my main answer is usually a blank stare…

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    I LOVE YOUR GIFS!!! Sorry for shouting. It’s because if I was with you, I’d be thrilled and laughing.

    Love this post. Love the links. I think there’s a lot of similar needs going on lately, because I’m about to start up some quiet time up in this ‘hood, so the one link is going to be dandy and handy. And the prayer one? Yeah, my priest told me today to get on the ball and get some silence and solitude in my life. So there. It’s always worth my time when I stop by here. xo

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