Seriously, Everything is a Hat


Sammy J

Age: 1-year-old
Size: huge – squeezing in the 2T.
Favorite Food: watermelon, dirt, crumbs on the floor
Favorite Show: Why you no like TV, kid?
Favorite Game: wrestling, “I’m Gonna Get You!” and “Everything is a Hat”
Words: dada, mumma, go!, bang bang, bye-bye, hi
Favorite Toys: books, anything Ellen has, Ellen’s hair, empty buckets, ukelele, matchbox cars, a Daniel Tiger figurine
Known For: yelling the loudest of the yells, million dollar smile, putting everything on your head, diving head-first into the bathtub, worst teether on the planet, making up for it by sleeping like a true champion

Happy Birthday, Sam Bone, Mr. Man, Mr. Doodle, Sammy J, Samster the Hamster, Samboney, Sammerton, Little Fella, Buddy Boy, Shamers


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  1. says

    Happy Birthday, Sam! He is so cute and I can’t believe he’s a year old already!! Also, I might steal the chalkboard idea for Tootsie Roll (still workshopping). :)

    <3 Jamie