Sensory Overload

I could tell you were wondering what I am doing right now. I know, psychic…or some variation of that word.
So, why don’t I tell you what’s going on at the ol’ teething castle…five senses style?
Some unfamiliar show called WordGirl. I have a bounty of pride in myself for not letting Ellen watch much TV. It makes up for all of the bubble gum and coffee I let her have. Kidding, you know. Alas, it was shaded in blue on the guide which means it must be an acceptable choice for a child, which I have. Simultaneously, it means that I get a break from the guttural wails of the teething monster.

Um, my computer screen. How do you think I am typing this? Seriously. But, because I can type without looking (Thank you 3rd grade typing class. Shoutout: Ms. Pranger!), I am also looking at my plants that so desperately need watering. I have a baby and plants to take care of here, people. Something’s gotta give.
Crumbly spit crackers in between my toes as Ellen thinks this is the proper and most hilarious place to store them. After crackers have been toed and eaten, I feel the pokes of her chubby fingers asking for more. Bottomless pit, that one.
Surprisingly not poop. I clean diapered this girl before her cat-nap, so we are good to go. Also, I smell homemade salsa next to me right now. That’s right. Homemade. I opened up the cans of beans and corn all by myself and mixed them with various other odds and ends. I will count that as my productivity in the domesticity department for the week. Sorry laundry.
(Why is it so hard for me to remember all five senses…) Well, homemade salsa, of course. I don’t normally just set food beside me and not eat it. I only reserve that for half eaten bananas and crumbly spit crackers graciously re-gifted to me by my darling babe.
But really, guys, who can resist snuggles like this? Not me. No way!

So, what are you doing right now. I truly would like to know!
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  1. Kat says

    ha shout out to Ms Pranger! I
    have a 2 year old hanging on my arm like a monkey while I’m trying to
    type. now he moved to the back of my chair and is hanging from my neck.
    can’t breathe. Cillian is fussing because he can’t crawl and just gets
    stuck on his stomach even though he knows how to roll over. I smell and
    taste coffee and I smell the menthol and herbs from the body wrap I did
    before bed. I need more coffee as I did not sleep well at all last night
    due to young children who just will not sleep in their own beds!
    love your posts!

  2. Heather@KeepCalmAndLoveOn says

    My kinders love WordGirl! :) This is fun…here are my 5 senses. I see: Bravo…it’s on in my house like 24/7. I hear: my dog snoring. I smell: my clean hair. I feel: stiff and sore from my morning jog. I taste: nothing…I must remedy this. Gotta go get some lunch! ;)