Resources for New Moms

After Ellen was born, I had a hard time figuring out what my days should look like. How much time do I spend entertaining Ellen? When can I take care of myself? Am I doing this right? Is that supposed to happen? I am a creature of habit, and I love structure, but having a baby turned my world upside down. I consulted my BFF, the Internet, and found these articles and links to be super helpful and calming:
I still visit these articles often. They have made me feel normal. They have helped me be more confident. They have given me permission to be the mom I am and to stop trying to be the mom I think I should be.

What advice or resource helped you as a parent? Tell me in the comment section below.

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  1. mary says

    Those were great!  As a ftm, super helpful to know I am not a weirdo!  Especially the playing alone thing. I always feel abusive when my 9 month old plays by himself while I check the computer, but he is always happy and my eye is always on him.  Good to know I am not the only one:)

  2. Jen @ Caved In says

    Other mommy blogs and Baby center were a huge help. And the Baby Whisperer boards…wow I frequented those a lot. Mostly it was just great to know I wasn’t a horrible mom for not knowing what I was doing.