Rainbow Salad: A Flopsy, Topsy & Mopsy Recipe


I posted this picture a while back, and a few kind souls humored me and asked for the recipe. I’m not even sure you would call this a recipe, but if you want to make me feel good about it, then ok, it’s a recipe.

This all started with Ellen’s nightly request that I tell her a story. And, being so creative (…), this is the little gem I came up with. Recipe within the story. Don’t fall asleep. Ellen never does.

Once upon a time, there were three bunny rabbits: Flopsy, Topsy and Mopsy. And Flopsy, Topsy and Mopsy were so hungry, so they ran to their mumma and said, “Mommy, Mommy! We’re so hungry!”

Their mumma said, “Go into the garden and pick something to eat.”

So Flopsy, Topsy and Mopsy went into the garden to find a snack. They couldn’t decide what to pick so they picked a little bit of everything to make a rainbow salad. They picked (Ellen likes to say this part with me):

Red Squirty Tomatoes
Orange Carrots
Yellow Bell Peppers
Green Pea Pods
and Purple Cabbage

So Flopsy, Topsy and Mopsy brought their fruits and veggies back to their mumma and said, “Mommy! Mommy! We picked the ingredients for a rainbow salad!”

So their mumma washed everything up, and she chopped everything up, and she gave Flopsy, Topsy and Mopsy their rainbow salads. They put Ranch dressing on them, and ate them allllll up.

Then, their mumma said it was time for bed. So Flopsy, Topsy and Mopsy said, “Ok, Mommy!” and went right to sleep like good bunnies.

The End.

Complicated and deep, right? Anyway…

Sweet ol’ Ellen asked if I would make her a rainbow salad, and when I did (I tossed it with Romaine and tuna for what it’s worth), she chowed. Now whenever we eat dinner, she asks, “Is this another Flopsy, Topsy, Mopsy recipe, mom?” And because I know that the answer “yes” means she will eat, a “yes” I give.

The End.

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