#5Faves: Simple Ways to Live Laudato Si’

Make everyday Earth Day by incorporating into your daily life these 5 simple ways to care for the planet. The laundry tip is my favorite because it help the earth AND saves me time in the laundry room. | environment | environmental education

  With how much the Catholic Church has been in the news lately, you’d think we weren’t one of the oldest institutions on earth. But, you know. In the wake of Pope Francis’ encyclical titled Laudato Si’, Catholics (and all humans, really) have been reminded of where the Church stands on environmental issues and what…

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When You Find Yourself Paralyzed by Big Emotions

Join the Summer of Psalms movement by downloading your free printables for home full of love quotes, music, and beautiful art and graphic design. A new print every week! | love sayings | inspirational quotes | quotes about love

Friday’s announcement came with a lot of emotion, did it not? The nation was divided between shouts of joy and outrage. There were tears of relief and tears of mourning. Being the Catholic of the non-cafeteria variety, you can imagine where I stand on this issue, BUT that is not the point of this post…

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7QT: Come at me, bro.

7qt graphic

I’m such a complete neurotic, so when Mike told me he had to go out of town for TWO WEEKS this month, I was 1. a big baby about having to watch the threesome by my lonesome and 2. scared to tell anyone lest a creeper find out I was home alone and steal my…

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#5Faves: Easy Weeknight Recipes

When you don’t have the time or the money to spend in the kitchen, these 5 weeknight meals are a savior to savor. All kinds of food including chicken recipes and vegetarian recipes. Make an easy dinner tonight or have your kids do it - I’m sure they could handle #5.

True Story: When Mike and I first got married, we were dual income with no kids. Every night before sleep, we would pour all of our money onto our bed and just roll around in it while we laughed about our riches. Ahem. What I mean is we would plan out elaborate meals that involved…

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How to Plan a Mother-Daughter Sleepover

My daughter is the only girl amongst boys, so we have a special relationship. Lately, when we want to spend a little quality time together, we plan a sleepover. Here is your guide to organizing a simple sleepover that will help you connect to your baby girl. This is parenting done right. | kids rooms | i love you | parenting tips

Disclosure: I have received free Netflix streaming and a streaming device as part of my membership on the Netflix Stream Team.  All opinions expressed within this post are my own. © aliasching / Dollar Photo Club The Plan Choose one night to put down the devices and forget the to-do list and just connect with your daughter by…

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7QT: a lot of hassle trying to scrounge up mason jars


I got to go to one of those super adorable Pinterest weddings this past weekend. My beautiful cuz married the nicest dude, and they had the most charming rustic wedding. Pinterest wasn’t around when Mike and I got married, so that probably saved me a lot of hassle trying to scrounge up mason jars, but…

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#5 Faves: {Catholic} Blogger Books II

5 best ebooks for Catholic moms and women looking for some inspiration. Perfect gifts for moms and women with faith in God. Or, treat yourself to a mini retreat with these books worth reading. All books are authored by bloggers who are women just like me and you. I personally like the 28-day marriage challenge! | mom gifts | inspirational quotes | mindfulness quotes | faithful quotes |

Due to popular demand (sidenote: look up definition of popular…and demand…), I’m back with five more Catholic blogger books you need to be checking out. Handbook for Adaptive Catechesis “This handbook reflects on the needs of individuals with a wide range of disabilities and calls on catechists and religious education programs to consider special needs…

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Put Baskets in These 3 Places

My best organization secret? Baskets. And, by putting them in these three places, you can keep your home clutter free. Seriously. Add this to your list of awesome life hacks and organization tips for the home. | clutter solutions | clutter organization | clutter control |

I try to keep my house pretty clutter free, and honestly, I’m pretty good at it. Excuse me while I get that dirt off my shoulder. Ahem. In order to Minimize the Mess, I employ my little lovers: baskets. If you want to be neurotic like me, put baskets in these three places to keep…

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7QT: Don’t. You. Worry.


Sam made another trip to the ER this weekend. This time it wasn’t anything injury related – just a nasty fever. But don’t worry. He made up for that fact by flipping over his bed rail and splitting his lip the next day. Don’t. You. Worry. my gram       I care enough to…

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#5Faves: Blogger Books

5 best ebooks for moms looking for some inspiration. Perfect gifts for moms with faith in God. Or, treat yourself to a mini retreat with these books worth reading. All books are authored by bloggers who are moms just like me and you. I am most excited to read the work from home ideas book! | mom gifts | inspirational quotes | mindfulness quotes | faithful quotes |

Just about anyone can publish a book these days, but it doesn’t always mean that they should. Ahem. Luckily, I run in a pretty rad crowd of bloggers and authors. So, check out these mindful and faith-based ebooks for mothers guaranteed to make you the best mom in your town – or at least your house. -1-…

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Ellen Chatter


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these bad boys, so, um, some of the references might be a little dated. For instance, I am not pregnant. That reference would be from wayyyyy back in my Theo preggie days. So… Me: I’m going to do a quick sweep upstairs to make sure we…

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7QT: the back of the pantry stuff


I mentioned earlier this week that I have 20/20 vision but Mike doesn’t think so. I suppose there is no way to ever tell who is right. Nope. No way. Unless I make an appointment at the eye doctor. BUT, back me up on this: I really shouldn’t because I am only 3ish months postpartum….

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#5Faves: Products for Looking Fresh Without a Shower

Super cheap products I can’t live without for those times when waking up in the morning is the hardest thing you’ll do all day. These are my 5 Favorite tried and trues on days I can’t afford a shower but still want to look on point. Includes tips for hair, hairstyles, eye makeup remover, and skin care.

A big round of applause and thank you to Rachel for taking over this gig while I reworked some scheduling around these parts. If you’re not a regular over there by now, get it. Shall we? There are a lot of mornings that my bright eyes and bushy tail are a bit more racoon-ish. You…

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Cinnamon Puppy Chow

We all know the traditional puppy chow Chex mix recipe, but this has a fun twist. Find out how to make a different puppy chow recipe with cinnamon. | cinnamon puppy chow | muddy buddies | muddy buddies recipe

This was a happy accident. Also, it wasn’t my accident. It was my mom’s. I’m just here to type about it. Sam wanted a Paw Patrol birthday party last month. It consisted of colorful balloons, his Paw Patrol toys on top of a store bought cake, hot dogs and puppy chow (…get it?) which my…

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7QT: Did you dance as much as I did?


This week was all about family. My cousin got married and every cousin but one (who got sick. boo.) was there. And then a BBQ with them the next day. And my bro came in from Cali. And it was just lots of family and food and dancing and booze and fun. Another wedding in…

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