tl;dr October


I'm really digging all of your tl;dr posts. It's the lazy in me. Here is what we have been up to lately. 20 weeks tomorrow. Cue up the Bon Jovi. We will find out the gender of the baby, but we are waiting to do a reveal party on my birthday - November 2 aka Dia de los Muertos. I am seriously considering getting a certificate in makeup application. I don't really want the full esthetician license because, well, I can't afford that. If you know of a good certificate program by me … [Read more...]

Perfect Pie Crust (with pictures) + Directions for Apple Pie

Perfect Pie Crust (with pictures)

You asked for it! Um, well, someone asked for it. And lookey here: a day without something to blog about. Perfect storm, my friends. It's not that you can't Google a million pie recipes, but why not trust me? I have mad pie skillz, and I know it. My aunt taught me this recipe for apple about five years ago, and now I am the Chancellor of Pie Baking and Director of Dessert Consumption. So, I bring to you: Perfect Pie Crust with Pictures (Because They Might Be Helpful) Apple … [Read more...]

7QT: There cannot possibly be any more information that you would need to know

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-1- I've got a feverish girl in my care today (hint: it's Ellen), so we are, you know, abusing Netflix. Also, when girlfriend is sick, she doesn't want to eat or drink a thing. So, I've bribed her with apple cider, hot chocolate and juice. I've heard that to get better, you have to drink tons of sugar...or something like that. -2- instalife (one year ago) -3- Reading: The Boys in the Boat and theseEating: all the leftoversListening: Disney PandoraWatching: Once Upon a TimeCo … [Read more...]

Twitterature: What We’re Reading


Falling for Your Madness: By @10minutewriter. Def. fits criteria for a book w/ a fresh plot line. A little bizarre, but interesting and easy enough to keep attention. The Stupidest Angel: Not a fan. Thought it'd be a quirky Christmas story. Turns out it's all zombies and serial killers. Not even in the cool Burton way. #nope I Don't Want to be a Hoo-er: A summary of @TheAnchoress' best pieces. Thought-provoking but easy to read because it is broken into short essays. #catholic #p … [Read more...]

Samster the Hamster: New Media Babybook


  In Ellen's first year of life, I dazzled you with monthly updates on all of the (amazing! exciting! hilarious! smart!) things she was up to. Sam? Sam is the second child, so you know.   But there are things I don't want to forget about "Umma's" boy. Like how whenever he gets his hands on something desirable he says, "Got it!" Or how he points at everything and asks, "Wussat?" Or his favorite (and only) words: buh! (ball), bey-bo (belly button), Nyen … [Read more...]

7QT: then she says, “No!” but, like really sassy-like

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-1- Took the kids to the park yesterday morning. There was a preschool using it (it is technically theirs). I was told I couldn't use the park at the same time the school was using it for "safety reasons." I get it. I kind of figured I was going to be told that. BUT, does anyone else think that sometimes our world is too concerned with rules and safety and blah blah blah? Or maybe not. I don't know. Maybe I'm a loose goose. -2- I'm making apple pies all day today with Anna. Tis the season … [Read more...]

Warm Beet Salad (kid un-friendly!)

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Sometimes you just have to buy the kids a TV dinner, and make yourself something grown up. And, while the kids munched on microwaved corn dogs and french fries (surprisingly they weren't fans, which, I guess, is good?), I treated myself to an iron fest. Call me iron woman. Ingredients: 6 beets including stalks and greens one large onion pkg sliced mushrooms 2 cloves diced garlic crumbled goat cheese salt and pepper to taste Directions: 1. Roast your beets in the oven. I like this … [Read more...]

Jumping on the Potty Wagon: The Un-Method


This is a sponsie, but truth be told, I am in love with Pull Ups, and we use them each and every blessed night. This article is sponsored by Pull-Ups® Full disclosure: this article is financially supported by Pull-Ups® Thanks to Pull-Ups® for sponsoring today's discussion Do you know I actually drive a potty wagon? I cart dat froggy around for convenience, my friends. And, while we are all on the topic, I'd love to give you my unsolicited advice on what worked for us. And by "worked" I mea … [Read more...]

7QT: This IS my life. It’s MY life. THIS is my life.


-1- Do you ever look at your life and realize that you spent the morning chasing a baby around a park while he covered himself in mud, meanwhile your toddler decided that she would just poop herself because you didn't bring a change of clothes, and then you're all, "This IS my life. It's MY life. THIS is my life."? Do you ever do that? -2- Things Left in My Feed that I NEED to Read: Listen Daughter Help Me: Journaling Trigger Points -3- InstaLife: throwback to some … [Read more...]

Daily Mass with Your Kids…By Yourself


One hobby (?) I picked up while on my hiatus is taking the kids to daily Mass. We don't go DAILY, but we try to make it a couple of times a week, so stop thinking I'm all dat and a bag of chaplets. First, we had to find a church that offered it at a time that worked. Our parish has daily Mass at 6:45 am. Even if we lived closer than 30 minutes to it, this would be a never ever no way time. Even if my kids got up at 5am, I would be too busy wallowing in my pre-dawn misery to pull it … [Read more...]