7QT: Was I supposed to do that?


I didn't do any kind of 2014 recap. Was I supposed to do that? Here, if you're really itching, check this out. A big shout out to my top five commenters. I love the love. And I love you. my gram   I care enough to make sure you don't miss out on anything I posted earlier this week. Obviously you have a good excuse for why you didn't read. I forgive you. And I update you: Anxiety Toolbox: Tips for Managing Anxiety and Panic #5Faves: Christmas Gifts tl;dr … [Read more...]

tl;dr January


Happy New Year! We're over here like: Even though we partied like: Because the holidays be like-be like exhausting, and sitting around the house sounds rill good. So, what did the end of 2014 bring for the Hines brood? tl;dr away! I spent Advent journaling with Blessed is She My mom, Ellen and I made 144 cookies in one hour at a Pampered Chef workshop I stitched MAD amounts of necklaces for Christmas - thank you!! Tomorrow, I will be 33 weeks pregnant with this nameless … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Christmas Gifts


I think Kelly said it best the other day: I get serious anxiety when there is too much clutter in my life. So, you can imagine my Christmas joy when I am trying to cram a buncha new toys and lovelies into our home. You know I was at the store the other day buying storage bins to organize the new stuff. Oh and making a nice ol' Goodwill pile. But, I think this year more than ever, my family got me. They know that I love useful and clutter-free gifts. Here are my #5Faves: -1- Young … [Read more...]

Anxiety Toolbox: Tips for Managing Anxiety and Panic

keep calm

You guys. I get so many emails and have so many conversations with people who suffer from anxiety but have no idea what to do about it. If one great thing comes from my daily anxiety and somewhat frequent panic attacks, it is that I might be able to help someone deal with anxiety in his or her own life. So, I thought I would tap out anything and everything that helps me on anxious days (every day) and during panic attacks. Read it over. Choose what you think might work for you. Give it … [Read more...]


baby jesus sleeping

He's coming. So, this week I'm quietly waiting and listening for sweet baby Jesus to make His arrival. #5Faves and 7QTs will be back in action next week. Happy Advent! Merry Christmas! … [Read more...]

7QT: Mike’s Disbelief


I certainly cannot be the only person who feels this way: In the winter, when they days are so much shorter, I start to think a lot about how quickly life is going by. It seems like every night when we are putting the kids to bed, I get this thought of, "Didn't I JUST do this??" Obviously we all feel like life speeds by, but sometimes that feeling is overwhelming. Like I need it to slow down just a little bit. Maybe it's the lack of sunshine and daylight hours that do it to me. But, how do … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Only During Christmas


Let's face the jingle bells: there are certain things that you can really only fully enjoy during the Advent and Christmas season. Here are five seasonal faves for the Elf in all of you. -1- ABC Family Christmas Movies on Netflix: Y'all probably know that Netflix gave me a viewing device and a free subscription, and let me tell you my honest thoughts. ABC family movies starring Melissa Joan Hart or Christina Milian are one of the best things about this time of year. Predictable, fluffy, … [Read more...]

Ellen Chatter + Giveaway


If you're here for the Joules, scroll on down. I gots mines from Joules themselves, but opinions are all my own. If you're here for cute kid words, look no further:   Watching a commercial of a girl eating fruit (that we've seen too many times): (annoyed) "Mom, that girl always picks the plum..." Ellen woke up the other day, and before saying a word, let out a nice, loud toot and sleepily proclaimed, "It said, 'Good Morning.'" Ellen: Mom, is Ms. Amanda (her swim teacher) … [Read more...]

7QT: When we were eventually caught by mall security guards


Had a dream last night that I was on a wild motorcycle high speed chase with Robert De Nero's character in Taxi Driver. When we were eventually caught by mall security guards, I was sentenced to work at a birthday party as Justin Bieber's babysitter. He eventually fell in love with me, and it was completely awkward. my gram   I care enough to make sure you don't miss out on anything I posted earlier this week. Obviously you have a good excuse for why you didn't read. I … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Mike’s Weaknesses


You guys, I'm pretty sure I can make a #5Faves out of anything, and today proves it. I have no idea where this came from, but I'm rolling with it. I present My Huband's 5 Favorite Weaknesses. Ta-daaaaa! -1- Sour Candy: There is not such thing as Mike opening a bag of sour candy and then putting it away for later. Never happened. Never will. He will gobble it down until it hurts, and he loves every second of it. -2- Bad Tattoo Posts on Facebook: If Mike's face is buried in his phone … [Read more...]