#5Faves: Tattoo Ideas


For years I’ve preached that not having a tattoo is the new tattoo. And now I want one. I chalk it up to the fact that despite the revolving baby door and all of the excitement (currently thinking of a new word…) that comes with, life has pretty much been the same for five years….

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lank lurve

link love

Avoiding Sam’s requests that I change his diaper, so I thought I’d tap this out for you rillquick. It’s not as abusive as it sounds. The kid needs a few minutes to work it allllll out. TMI? That’s what I’m here for. I am incredibly obsessed with capsule wardrobes which explains why I have a running…

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#5Faves: Summer Beverages

This summer, forget the multi-ingredient, involved recipes. Take it easy with these simple drink recipes. I don’t even feel right saying recipes. You can buy a lot of these at the store… | drinks alcohol | drink recipes

  You COULD waste your time at the store and behind the blender making something that your kids are going to beg for sips of. OR, you could just stick to the classics. My classics. My favorite classics, in fact. -1- LaCroix: We are all obsessed with this now, yes? I know Brigid feels me….

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The Perfect Netflix Show for Your Myers-Briggs Type #streamteam

Take the Myers Briggs personality test then find out which shows you should be watching on Netflix. Come find your personality type and tell me how I did. I’m an INFJ. What are you? | netflix what to watch | netflix hacks

If you don’t know your Myers-Briggs personality type, take the test here. It’s all the rage, or maybe that’s just my INFJ showing. Once you know your type, check out which show you should be binging on via Netflix. These are all shows that I have watched and enjoyed (minus Breaking Bad which is all…

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#5Faves: Articles About NFP

| nfp chart | nfp humor | nfp catholic | birth control methods | birth control pills

It’s NFP awareness week, my people. So, I’m here to, uh, make you aware. All of the honesty without any of the details! And, since I am doing a craft show this weekend, I will keep this as brief as my Phase 3…ha. Kidding. Sometimes. -1- 5 Ways We Bring Life to Our Marriage -2-…

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How to Discuss Gay Marriage

With SCOTUS recently ruling wedding rings for all, we are all finding ourselves in need of a lesson in online etiquette. Learn to stay true to your beliefs while still tactfully engaging another in conversation. | gaylove | gaypride | gay marriage | internet safety | debate topics

I can take absolutely no credit for this post. I simply asked two very intelligent friends of mine to chat with each other about the recent SCOTUS decision regarding the legalization of gay marriage. So, before I let you read their conversation, let me give you some background and ground rules: Background and Intros Cara…

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#5Faves: Hidden Gems of Mackinac Island

This summer, add Mackinac Island to your list of travel destinations. You’ll find the most common travel tips on any site, but here is my list of hidden gems that many tourists don’t get to experience on the island. | mackinac island things to do | michigan travel |

You already know about the parks, fudge, horse rides, bikes, shopping (my fave store), butterfly house, water activities, churches and fort, but here are five little hidden island gems that you probably have never seen. Some of these things I’ve done – some are on my bucket list. And, you can laugh at me all you want,…

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Haughty Thuggery: A Blog Post by Ellen

Haughty Thuggery: A Vlog by My 3yo Daughter | blogging | blogging for beginners | kids say the darnedest things | toddlers

Ellen is really into blogging lately. She tells me that she blogs so she can get packages in the mail. We all have our reasons. This is her latest post she tapped out. Oh, and there are vlogs. Please don’t ask me what she is talking about. This is her – everyday – and I…

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7QT: just as I thought

7qt graphic

We had a mouse poop all over our entire kitchen. And our microwave broke. I have titled this week Hunger Games and Paper Plates. But you know, I feel like a real grown up dealing with grown up problems. my gram       I care enough to make sure you don’t miss out on…

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#5Faves: Unusual, Easy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast ideas for when you’re brain feel french toast but your body feels cold cereal. These five recipes require little effort in the kitchen, but your kids will love them to crumbs. | recipes | soup | easy

99% of the time we wake up and I’m like, “Do you want this cereal or that cereal for breakfast? Oh, you want something special? How about I put extra milk in that for you?” But when I think about it, I actually do have some fun, easy breakfasts up my sleeve. Easy as cold cereal…

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How to Read to Your Baby and Toddler

Reading just ten minutes a day to your baby boy or baby girl is a wonderful habit. But, if you want to take it a step further, try these 7 tips for reading to your baby or toddler. So dust off those bookshelves and try these reading strategies that will make your little one fall in love with books.

There’s nothing wrong with just picking up a book and reading it to your child. You don’t need to get all fancy and educational with it. Honestly, just snuggling close and browsing your latest library choice is enough to instill a love of reading in your kid. But, if you want some advice on taking it…

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#5Faves: Simple Ways to Live Laudato Si’

Make everyday Earth Day by incorporating into your daily life these 5 simple ways to care for the planet. The laundry tip is my favorite because it help the earth AND saves me time in the laundry room. | environment | environmental education

  With how much the Catholic Church has been in the news lately, you’d think we weren’t one of the oldest institutions on earth. But, you know. In the wake of Pope Francis’ encyclical titled Laudato Si’, Catholics (and all humans, really) have been reminded of where the Church stands on environmental issues and what…

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When You Find Yourself Paralyzed by Big Emotions

Join the Summer of Psalms movement by downloading your free printables for home full of love quotes, music, and beautiful art and graphic design. A new print every week! | love sayings | inspirational quotes | quotes about love

Friday’s announcement came with a lot of emotion, did it not? The nation was divided between shouts of joy and outrage. There were tears of relief and tears of mourning. Being the Catholic of the non-cafeteria variety, you can imagine where I stand on this issue, BUT that is not the point of this post…

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7QT: Come at me, bro.

7qt graphic

I’m such a complete neurotic, so when Mike told me he had to go out of town for TWO WEEKS this month, I was 1. a big baby about having to watch the threesome by my lonesome and 2. scared to tell anyone lest a creeper find out I was home alone and steal my…

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