tl;dr November


Happy All Saints Day, my future saints. If you're looking for that capital S, you might want to start up by sharing your tl;dr from this past month. They are miraculous. Last Month: I'm now 25 (I think?) weeks along with this one. We're finding out the gender tomorrow. Tomorrow is also my 29th b-day. Mike and I recently got back from a nine day vacay in West Palm Beach, FL - without the kids. I took over #5Faves, so link up your favies each week at CHH. I finished The Boys in … [Read more...]

#7QT: Unless they invent virtual cake by then


Happy Halloween, creeps. Strawberry Shortcake, an astronaut and I are heading out into the (maybe) snow tonight to sugar up. And guess what? Guess. Nope. You're wrong. On Sunday, we are having a gender reveal party to find out what this hamster be-eth. What's that? Of course. Yes. I will let you in on the fun. No cake for you though. Unless they invent virtual cake by then. In which case, let me know. my gram   I care enough to make sure you don't miss out on … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Florida Finds


  I think alliteration is my least favorite of all the literary devices. :::thinking::: Yes, it is. Irony though. I like irony a whole bunch. Oh, and hyperbole is the greatest thing to happen to the earth. None of this has to do with the following: -1- Ann Taylor Scarf: So soft and snuggly and 40% off. All things that I love. -2- Gap Knit Hat: The lady at the store insisted that we must be from a colder climate because I would have to be insane to buy this hat for West Palm … [Read more...]

Constant Mental Prayer: Ten Virtues of Mary


I constantly worry. I constantly think about what I should be doing. I constantly think about what I'd rather be doing. Yet Mary was in a state of constant mental prayer. How incredibly different her thoughts must have been. But she was a human mother too. She must have had worries and should haves and could haves. "Where is Jesus now? I should have put up the baby gate. If he wasn't always running off to the temple I could be soaking my feet in the river and basking in the sun." Maybe that's … [Read more...]

Making the Most of Quiet Time #StreamTeam


Disclosure: I have received free Netflix streaming and a streaming device as part of my membership on the Netflix Stream Team.  All opinions expressed within this post are my own. I'm not into wielding parenting advice, because, come on, look at me. And we're all just hanging on and pretty sure we're messing up, right? RIGHT? But, I will tap out a ditty for you all about how I make the most of quiet/nap time in this 1920's Dutch Colonial we call home. I'll start with some of the best pa … [Read more...]

7QT: Totes Abreeves

in fl

  We're in Florida right now doing something Floridian. So, I wrote this post, like, weeks ago so I could "unplug." Buzzword of duh year. Let's just do this: why don't YOU tell me what you're thinking about this week. Go on now.   my gram by   I care enough to make sure you don't miss out on anything I posted earlier this week. Obviously you have a good excuse for why you didn't read. I forgive you. And I update you: Useful Screenshots My Top … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Places I’ve Traveled


  I am by no means a world traveler. Usually the closest I get to crossing borders is a late night trip to Chinese Tonight. BUT, I have been a few places. So, while the belly and I are whooping it up in West Palm Beach, check out some mediocre pics of fantastic trips. Cut me some slack; they are the best I could pilfer on short notice from Facebook. -1- Ireland: A group of us spent Summer 2006 traveling around the Green Isle. Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Sligo, Dingle, and more. This … [Read more...]

Useful Screenshots


I take so many screenshots. It's obscene. I'm always like, "Oh, much easier than writing down, and it saves automatically where? Where is that? What was it even?" So, I am sifting through things I thought were important enough to capture immediately and save to the abyss of my hard drive. Have any good ones to share? Do you do this too? You do this too, right? Inspiration and Pics I … [Read more...]

7QT: I will just sit on the floor and not dance


Yesterday I was getting Ellen ready for ballet class, and she's all, "I don't want to go. I don't enjoy myself, and I don't like anything about it. I will just sit on the floor and not dance." Ok. Normally I'd just take her and assume she'll get over it, but she did that exact thing last week too. Yay. So, I call the place and tell them not to charge us for next month, get off the phone, and Ellen says, "Just kidding. I want to be a ballerina again." Nope. Until you get your wishy washy self … [Read more...]

#5Faves: Ulta & Sephora Haul


  What just happened? You ain't in Kansas anymore, baby. Or I suppose Heather actually lives in New York. Whichever. Anyway, I am so SO grateful that she is passing the 5Faves torch on to moi. Based on my predecessors, I feel like a donkey among horses. But, I'm your donkey now. And I'm here to make a donkey out of myself. So why are we wasting time? I have makeup to show you. -1- Christian Dior Contour Transparent Lipliner I DO NOT have room for 85 shades of lip liner. … [Read more...]