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Who is your Confirmation Saint? Do you have a great story for how you picked him or her? Mine is St. Cecilia, and I wish I had a great story for why I picked her, but in 8th grade, I thought she was cool because she was the patron Saint of music. As I have gotten older, I have learned more about her life, and it turns out that I was pretty lucky in my pick because she was one strong, faithful woman that converted souls and died for Christ.

Read more about her and what she has to do with Thanksgiving this year in my latest post on It’s right here. See ya.

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    Snap! Mine is St Cecilia too. And I chose her because I was obsessed with teaching myself guitar and keyboard as a child. I am going to ‘Google’ her and become reacquainted.

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    My Confirmation name was Margaret Mary so I could have two names-typical 14 year old decision! I actually just read up on her after seeing this post and she led a very interesting life!