When the Marriage Mirage is Reel

We are all (hopefully) familiar with the social media highlight reel in comparison to behind the scenes. These insecurities manifest in our work lives, our home lives, our motherhood, and our marriage – among other areas.


seriously. check out this site. my fave kind of art.

And yeah, it’s hyper-important to keep this idea in mind, but what if things are really awesome? I’m not talking all the time, I just mean in general. Like, take Mike for example. I love that dude. And, most of the time, things in our marriage are good if not great.

Imma tell you some reasons I love our marriage with the understanding that we still fight; we still don’t agree on some things; he will never take out the recycling before it is spilling down the stairs; I will never turn his shirts the right way before folding them.


Fun Fact: I was pregnant with Ellen in this picture, but we didn’t know it yet.

  • One time when we were dating, someone told us that we reminded him of Jim and Pam. We took it as the highest compliment.
  • We spend most of our waking time together trying to out pun one another.
  • Wanna know why I get to go to Edel? Mike got a bonus from work and insisted that I use it for airfare.
  • I would say that I probably change about 25% of the diapers when Mike is home.
  • Mike has the most impressive conscience. He prides himself on being honest all the time.
  • Mike pushes me when he knows I can do better, but he backs off and comforts me when he knows my anxiety is out of my control.
  • We follow the “You cook; I clean” rule after dinner.
  • After dinner, Mike often sings animal songs for the kids while I take a break.
  • We are both fully aware that I will do most of the cooking unless it comes to omelets. I don’t mess with those when there is a master in the house.
  • I tell him all my secrets.

What do other women love about their marriages? Find out.



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  1. says

    I love these kinds of posts, it sounds like you found yourself a gem. And it sounds like he and my Mike would be great buds in real life. Yay for great guys!!!

  2. says

    Is this some kind of link up? I want to play! I would also DEFINITELY take the Jim and Pam comment as the highest compliment!! :-D Calvin also gives me breaks and changes diapers, but won’t take the garbage out when I ask him unless I also add, “it’s completely full” or “it’s overflowing” or “it reeks”. I also tell him all my secrets. :) I trust him absolutely.

    You and Mike are adorable and I love that little Ellen is there with you guys too. :)

    I’m going to find this link up and play along!

    <3 Jamie