Loving the Ladies: Catholic Style

It’s Valentine’s Day, and what better way to spend the day than showing love for your fellow lady? I’m talking New Feminism, people. Excuse the Wiki. Lest you think that I’ve become silent on all issues women because the election is long past, I’m back, and I want to share the love with you. What is New Feminism, you say? What does it include?

It includes increased awareness, support and tolerance of breastfeeding in our society that glorifies breasts in sex but shuns them in nurturing.

It includes refusing to take a pill that warps our bodies’ natural rhythm and biological ability to create life in favor of artificial hormones that tell us we are somehow broken and not working properly.

It includes admiring modestly dressed women who dare to show that their femininity and beauty can be admired without showing too much skin and instead letting the world focus on our beautiful intellect.

It includes refusing abortion as a form of reactive healthcare. Instead, we need to support and lift up women whose bodies have amazingly created life, and help them through undesirable conditions with real healthcare like prenatal visits and birthing options.

It includes educating women about the fact that waiting for sex isn’t just about prudence or being scared of the act. It is a far deeper and more spiritual commitment that requires self-sacrifice but yields a sense of power and acceptance that is beyond explanation.

It includes respecting women with children, women who stay at home, women who work and women without children.

It includes rejecting the idea that we need to be equal to men. Women were not created to be equal to our male counterparts. We were create to be complimentary, and striving for equality in most areas only sets us back further because we are failing to appreciate the gifts that we alone possess.

New Feminism is all of these things and more. New feminism is real feminism. Love you.


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