My Living Liturgically Arsenal: FEAST! Giveaway

I think living liturgically will become much easier when my kids are a tad bit older. Right now is more just practice as they learn very little (of the intended information – they are always learning something!) from the things I have planned so far this year. Don’t get me wrong: I think it is very beneficial that I am doing this. I am learning a lot, I’m creating a habit, and the kids are enjoying and learning in their own, age appropriate ways. So, I want to continue on this path, but I will need some help. I can’t come up with ideas all on my own. That’s why I have found an arsenal of wonderful books that have all of the ideas already laid out for me. One of my faves? Feast! cookbookcover2r2_new-682x1024 You know Haley, right? Carrots for Michaelmas? Her and her husband created this book out of a true labor of love. Check out her site for more info, but here is a little preview:

Feast! is the book we wish we had when we first started observing the Christian Year. It is 125 pages of real food to celebrate the liturgical year and lives of the saints and reflections on the seasons of the Christian calendar and simple traditions. Feast! features 23 simple real food recipes for the liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter, and well-known saints’ days like St. George’s Day, St. Rose of Lima’s Day, and St. Thomas Aquinas’ Day as well as less familiar saints like St. Charles Lwanga and St. Raymond Nonnatus.


Feast! is on sale for $4.99 and today is the last day to take advantage. Get yer copy now, or enter to win a digital copy right here. I’ve got your back. RaffleCopter on, my feasters:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. says

    So, here’s my thinking. Sometimes, I read other ‘Catholic Mom Blogs’ and I forget my kids are still VERY young. I want to live liturgically, but I think it’s super important to scale it back and remember the age-appropriate thing too you know? So like, for Advent- our BIG DEAL was talking EVERY DAY about the birthday cake we were going to make on Christmas Eve. And, singing ‘o come o come Emmanuel’. that’s it. But, it REALLY worked for us. I cannot wait to be crazy about the liturgical year, but for now, we are easing into it. Still trying to decide what we are going to do for lent…any super simple ideas you wanna share? (remember, for all of Advent, we did just those two things! lol).

  2. Chrissy says

    Trinity Sunday, but we are still developing how we actually celebrate it at home! We really only started focusing on liturgical living in the last year so awesome blog and book resources are invaluable to us! :)

  3. says

    My daughter is graduating from college this year, and we’re still all fired up about liturgical things. I don’t cook special foods so much, but we’re definitely into all the associated paraphernalia. Advent wreathes, Jesse tree, May crowning, Three Kings stuff. You name it.

    One book I heartily recommend, though liturgically, it’s a bit old-school (that has it’s charm, to be sure), is Cooking for Christ, by Florence Berger. It’s a total gem, and you absolutely will NOT be disappointed. It’s only available as a print resource from the National Catholic Rural Life Conference. Here’s the address:

    Best $13 I ever spent on a cookbook. It’s very inspiring. I wish I would have found it earlier.

  4. says

    We’re still working on living liturigcally. Our son is still an infant, but we would like to get into the habits for ourselves as well. Right now, my favorite day is the feast of St. Matthew. It is my husband’s feast day, so I use it as an opportunity to do extra little things for him. Both in action and prayer :)

  5. says

    I’m very excited to create some new traditions/memories with my children as they get older. I would really like to do something special for All Saints Day and the feast of St. Lucia this year. :)

  6. says

    I need to change my settings to getting these posts more regularly instead of once a week. My favorite feast day, and my husbands, Feast of Christ the King, hands down.

  7. Ashley says

    Kind of embaressed to admit that I don’t have one outside of the big days like Christmas and Easter. We’re just starting to live liturgically, so we have a ways to go.

  8. says

    So far- St. Nicholas day… But I so want to celebrate feast days for each of our boy’s middle name (we picked Cath names for the middle). But like you, we are juuuuust starting. I’m excited to attempt St. Valentine’s day :)
    Thanks for the exciting giveaway milady!