Kindle PaperWHAT!

Full disclosure: provided me with these products for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own. Feel free to shop their entire line of e-readers online.

I’ve always had this bizarre push-pull relationship with Kindle. Trust me, this is going to be riveting.

When I was pregnant with Ellen, Mike bought me a Kindle so I could read while I was nursing her. I wasn’t convinced I would use it, so we returned it. But, then I did my famous mind-changing thing and decided I wanted one for my birthday. So, Mike bought another Kindle for me.

This one I used all the time, and I grew to love it even more when my brother started working for Lab 126 – the makers of the Kindle. FYI: that nice, frustration free packaging your Kindle comes in? My bro designed that making me a leeeetle famous.


Then the Kindle Paperwhite came out, and I had some major #firstworldproblems. I already had a Kindle, but this one glows. It glows, people. But #firstworldproblems be silenced, because Staples so generously sent me one to review for you (Seriously, it was so generous. They ran out of the Paperwhite and sent an employee out to buy me one and personally ship it to my house.)


What I Love

-Did I mention it glows?: This makes it so easy for me to read in bed without Mike asking every five minutes, “Are you almost done with that light?”
-It has a touch screen: I wasn’t sure about this feature at first. I tend to like more tactile buttons. But, there is a cool tutorial at the beginning of the set up process, and it the touch screen rocks after you learn to use it.
-It’s connected to the cloud: You don’t need to load every book you’ve ever read onto the device. Instead, Amazon stores them in their cloud, and you can pick and choose which ones you want.
-You can rent library books: You can do this with all Kindles, but they didn’t forget this feature on this one, so applause.
-It uses eInk: eInk is that cool screen that allows you to read your Kindle even in bright sun. They thought of everything, I say.
-The price is right: at only $119, this is a supreme deal.
-No Internet: Is that weird? The Kindle Fire has Internet, but if I had Facebook on my Kindle I wouldn’t read. I like the minimal distraction.


Kindles vs. Real Books

So, of course, there is always that debate of eReaders vs. real paper books. Here is what I think (because you asked):

I love that I can rent library books from home. Call me lazy, but this is an awesome feature when you’re at home with littles.

Also, I have donated so many fiction books in my time. I read them and then don’t plan to reread, so I pass them along. The Kindle has seriously cut down on my book clutter. I just hang on to my faves now. As far as non-fiction books, I still like to use sticky notes and a highlighter to read those, so my Kindle is mostly used for fiction.

I care about your opinion too, you know.


Here I am at the bottom line. So, I will give you one. Kindle Paperwhite? Awesome. And, it’s not too late to run to Staples and get one for the dad in your life. Hint Hint


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  1. says

    It’s funny but yesterday was the first time I browsed our library’s ebooks to download one to my Kindle. I read 99% of my fiction on a Kindle but my non-fiction is real paper because I like to write notes in the margin. I am intrigued with the Paperwhite Kindle because of the glare but not sure if I could go without internet on it. Although, perhaps would read more without the distraction! ;-)

    • Jenna says

      That’s totally how I feel about non-fiction too. I guess it’s the English teacher in me :) Also, I love not having the Internet for just that reason!

    • Jenna says

      I held out on getting one until it had this option. The only bad part is people really love to rent ebooks from the library so you have to wait for a lot of titles ;)

  2. Jena says

    I have the paperwhite and LOVE it! I fell in love reading e-books when I got the iPad (after some resistance), but it was impossible to read outside and a little big. I got the paperwhite for Christmas and love how I can read anywhere – outside, dark, light, etc. It is so small and lightweight that it is definitely possible to read one handed (great for nursing!) and you won’t lose your page. Can’t say enough great things about it!

    • Jenna says

      After the glow, the fact that I can nurse with it is my favorite! One handed in the middle of the night? Paperwhite has me covered ;)