Jumping on the Potty Wagon: The Un-Method

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Do you know I actually drive a potty wagon? I cart dat froggy around for convenience, my friends. And, while we are all on the topic, I’d love to give you my unsolicited advice on what worked for us. And by “worked” I mean she still occasionally forgets to pull down her pants when she sits on the toilet. But first, a few words about my style de parenting:

I like to wait until the very last minute or until my kid is way past ready to try anything. Why? Because then it’s not a struggle. And we all know in motherhood, the struggle is real. On top of waaaaaaaaiting it out, I love the easiest option that requires me to do pretty much nothing at all. That works for me. Maybe not you. But, we all have different thresholds for “doing stuff,” right? Now,

Forget potty training in three days, potty training tips and fool-proof potty training methods. Want some real parenting advice? Try the potty training un-method. I swear by it because it's easy enough for lazy me. | life hacks | parenting hacks | baby boy | baby girl

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I can’t take total credit for this “method” we use. Annie is the genius behind it’s main tenants; I just heeded her advice. She’s my mama mentor. Wax on, wax off, Annie.


1. Prepare: wake up one morning and decide that since you’re not doing much that week, let’s give it a go!

2. Put underwear on your kid.

3. Never yell. Have them help clean up. Bribe. Sit them on the potty a lot.

4. Eventually they will get sick of peeing on themselves.

5. If they don’t, try again in a few months.

6. At night, put on the Pull Ups, baby. Worry about night training in a very long time.

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  1. says

    That’s pretty much exactly how we did it, with the only exception being that we trained them each around age 2. I just couldn’t stand changing toddler diapers anymore! Both were 99% accident-free within a week. A few more months, and I’ll be back there again with Little Miss C.

  2. says

    Yeah, we don’t do “night training” – we use flip trainers until they’re dry on their own, and it’s worked great so far! Eventually, they stop peeing themselves :P But until then, I’m not changing sheets a million times a week…