January Giveaway: Agape Jewelry

Hey Readers! I have a fantastic giveaway for you this month from Agape Gifts. Agape Gifts is a family company that specializes in custom Catholic jewelry (but it would be great for any Christian!) Laura from Agape is generously giving away a beautiful sterling silver and crystal necklace valued at $75!  
How can you win this beautiful piece? Complete any or all of the following options. For each one you do, leave a separate comment letting me know.
1. Visit Agape Gifts and tell me which item is your favorite
2. Follow this blog via RSS, email, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest
3. Follow Agape Gifts on Facebook, Blogger and/or Twitter
This giveaway will close on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 11:59pm. I will announce the winner on the 18th!

Now that you’re done entering, let’s learn a little more about this awesome company, shall we?
1. How would you describe your jewelry?
My jewelry is distinctly unique in that each design piece is made once and not repeated, at least not exactly; therefore the jewelry boards have a broad variety of creative construction as well as a diversity in materials. I also explore the engineering portion of jewelry design which denotes my pieces as Agape Gift’s or Laura’s trademark of clever handiwork. I am currently hoping to look into patenting a design – but that takes a lot of financial backing.

2. From where do you draw your inspiration?

I truly pray about each piece. MANY times when I am celebrating Mass or praying in the chapel I will get an inspiration for a design or an answer to an execution stumbling block – that has happened many times. And of course the shower is a great haven of quietness where a lot of inspiration occurs. I have to say that I am confident that I will find the right answer for each piece that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. I am always studying, researching and reading to keep current on the news of new products and procedures. I find I really enjoy the science, metallurgy and gemology behind the resources I utilize.

3. What does the future hold for you and your business?

That is a tough one to answer because I truly dedicate my ministry to our Lord and our Lady and ask for His guidance and graces on Agape Gifts. Our company really is a ministry in that we give 50% of our profits to life charities – that is any charity that promotes life and not the culture of death. I daily ask if this is His plan to continue Agape Gifts, and I usually get an answer with someone ordering a rosary or item, booking a show, or requests to be in a store, etc. A general boost of “keep going”.

I personally would like to see Agape Gifts grow and become more known in order to service people in need – currently we have raised close to $7,000 in charity with the creative design work of a pair human hands, mainly mine. Agape Gifts is a family venture: my husband does the financial work, my son is in charge of the photography and the website, my daughter helps critique designs and is working on a ‘young@heart’ line, and we come as a family when presenting an Agape Gift’s Boutique. It has been a great way to have the family work together in a ministry as well as learn the art of a business.
If it is God’s plan, a long term goal would be, I envision Agape Gifts to blossom and eventually expand into a teaching/retreat center. I have a few students that I inspire, but it would be awesome to do that on a more regular schedule and lacing the importance of where the inspiration is gleamed, after all God created everything – give credit where credit is due. When this vision is shared with other people who are interested in the craft, their eyes light up and happily reply “I am in. Let me know when it happens!” I smile with the enthusiasm and begin to think about how we can make it happen, so I dump my concerns on God’s lap for Him to figure it.

A more current goal of mine is to raise $10,000 in accumulative charity funds since this upcoming October 2012 will be our tenth anniversary of the company – hopefully we will be able to reach our charity goal via individual sales and home boutique sales – so I definitely need to market and spread the word of our ministry – but again I deflect the final numbers to my Boss.

I can personally attest to the beauty and quality of Laura’s pieces; I received this stunning and meaningful bracelet at my baby shower:

A big thank you to Laura and Agape for sponsoring this giveaway!


Update: Congrats to Janet who said: “I like Agape Gifts on FB – Janet Fri”! You are the winner of the Agape Giveaway! I will be contacting you via email shortly! Thank you to everyone who entered :)
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  1. krysten says

    What a great giveaway !!   I am a fan on FB and Pinterest.  I just checked out her website and I think my favorite is the bracelet shown above.  I saw it in person and it is a beauty :)

  2. Jessica McMasters says

    Love your Brass Wire Woven Ring.  Following on FB (Jessica Lauren McMasters) and Twitter (Micah_Mommy_08)

    • says

      Those are gold colored swavroski crystals with an aurora borealis coating and gold bali beads!! A wonderful piece for that special occasion!! … Or if you wear gold and sparkly every day :)

  3. says

    Pinterest:  Can you send me an invite – I have been trying for months to get an invite, but I think I am doing something wrong.  I would love to “pin” you and many giveaways are giving an extra entry for this.  I love many types of crafts, and would like to participate in it.  Thanks a bunch!!

    • says

      That is a wonderful necklace! Good taste :). All the wire work around the pendant is hand twisted, then hand formed. The nylon cording makes this necklace for any occasion!

    • says

      Thank you Meagan. Yeah, we can’t lik a favorite either!! If you look carefully on the website (on the sold side) there a few pieces that were made for the Detroit Institute of Arts gift shop!

  4. says

    We have been looking for you all on Twitter… But we think you have the wrong Agape Gifts. Haha. If you follow @Agape_Gifts you will see wonderful jewelry. We look forward to seeing you behind us! God bless.

  5. Alicia C. says

    I really like Agape’s Copper & Sterling Silver 925 Necklace (with white pearls and hermatite)!
    ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com ☮

    • says

      This piece was so much fun to design!! In fact, if you look through the website, there also matching earrings and a bracelet to accompany the necklace! You picked a dynamic necklace!

    • says

      Those are blue glass cubes. Each of those sterling silver links were hand twisted. Because each link is separately hinged, this piece flows very well across your ankle. Wonderful choice!

  6. Stew McGregor says

    I am so following that, as in right now! My favorite are the designer rings  of course but there are just loads to choose from. I will give it to my honey if I win. Wish me luck please…

  7. Stew McGregor says

    I would have followed that if not for the date above….awww. My favorite were the designer rings  of course but there are just loads to choose from. I would have given it to my honey had I joined and won. Argh…