Was ich trug am Sonntag – und bienen

Yeah. I used an Internet translator. I’m not that romantic.

After Mass today, we had to pick up beer – it’s what Catholics do. So, naturally, we decided to stop in the ghetto at a liquor store. Heck, we played it fast and loose with a no nap baby in the pews; certainly we could handle a little shady offie.

So, I slipped into my authentic German drindl, and – wait, I didn’t mention that part earlier? Oh yes. Right. We were going to a German fest and authentic clothing was encouraged. When I saw that a lady in our town was selling her 1967 drindl, HOW COULD I NOT BUY IT? Obviously.

So, I slipped on my dridl after Mass, and we pulled into the liquor store where Mike left us in the car with the windows cracked like the dogs we are. He took the keys too because I don’t want someone to get us.

Then, this jerk bee comes along. First I see its shadow creeping up on us all Jurassic Park. Then, it tries to car-jack us – just thinks it can come in my window. So, I go to roll the windows up, but Mike has the keys (so no one gets us, remember?). The only logical thing to do is to start using my phone as a shield and violently jiggling it between the window and top of the door. But this bee would not.take.a.hint.

So, in order to SAVE MY FAMILY, I had to jump out of the car – which set off the car alarm. Mike ran out to see what kind of crazy his wife was committing, but he only stumbled upon heroism: me in all my German dridl glory running around a ghetto liquor store parking lot swatting my iphone at a bee while yelling at it to “leave us alone!”

He hung his head and shamefully walked back into the store while the clerk laughed at him. Chumps.


peeking out from my home amidst the hills full of edelweiss


achtung baby

Mike is wondering when I am going to sell it. But, I have so many other places I need to wear this to.



some text


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  1. says

    This is so great and awful at the same time. The outfit – amazing, fun and all things The Sound of Music. The bee – all things awful, mean, and make me squirm/freak out (and I’m inside). Glad you made it out safe! Way to protect!

  2. says

    The Dirndl is incredible! Confession time, I made one for the Oktoberfest this year… it was the most fun 5 hours of my life. I need more excuses to wear it!

  3. says

    That is awesome! And of course you can’t sell it! You’re going to need it again… for something… Octoberfest?

  4. says

    Ba ha, this was great – I’m TOTALLY with you on the bee story. And we have those massive bumblebees (I know, harmless. Riiiight) that sound like jets when they fly past my ear, and cause a very graceful freak-out session anytime I go outdoors. So flattering.

    And the dirndl: work it, sista. Work it.

  5. says

    Oh, instagram!! That’s where I saw the story. This was hilarious! Not just the bee and the freak-out but the wearing of the dirndl during this episode. Epic!! I am half German on my mother’s side so this post also warmed my heart. :)

    And you have liquor stores that are open on Sunday?? Hm. Not here in Texas.

  6. tawnykw says

    Oh my – I was laughing so hard reading this story that I think I peed a little. You deserve the key to the city for your heroism against that jerk bee. Truly. :)

  7. says

    Gah! I would’ve set off the alarm with an attack bee out to get me too! Too bad Mike didn’t have the presence if mind to record all this for us :)