How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

I am always so excited when Kelly comes to visit; I feel like I have a rock star over. And, today she is playing teacher by showing us how to make a spiritual bouquet. I may need one or 77 of these to make it through this first trimester.

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

I’m happy to be here at Jenna’s today with a craft idea that is totally doable for little hands, yet enjoyable for older kids too. Learning how to make a spiritual bouquet card becomes a great little gift for name days, baptisms and a slew of other Holy Days that deserve recognition but not necessarily a gift.

Although less common than they once were, spiritual bouquets have traditionally been given to commemorate a special occasion. Have you ever sent a Mass card? It’s the same idea, except instead of a gift of a Mass, you’re giving the gift of a rosary, a novena, or for young children individual Hail Marys, Our Fathers and other simple prayers for a specific person or his or her intentions.

This simple flower bouquet is something kids can say “I made it myself!” and proudly give, rather than just signing their name to the Hallmark card Mom picked out. And most importantly, learning how to make a spiritual bouquet can help teach basic prayers and instill early on the importance of performing spiritual works of mercy. Plus it’s cute! Who wouldn’t love a fist of these shoved in their face?

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.28.20 PM.jpg

Oh, apparently my own daughter. Please don’t let this deter you.

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

Construction paper
Flower Template from Lorine Mason Designs. Print at 200%
Hole punch
Pipe Cleaners

If your children are young, you can pre-cut the flower shapes for them from colored construction paper, or let them color in petals and leaves cut from white paper. Another option is to take an existing drawing and cut the flower from it. (Seriously, you know you have more art than you know what to do with.)

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

Your prayers can be written on the petals of the flower, or on the leaf. Another idea is to give a bunch of small flowers with each color flower representing a specific prayers. (For example, ten blue flowers for the Hail Marys, one red Our Father and one yellow Glory Be for a decade of the rosary.)

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

For the stem, punch two holes into the center of the flower and weave a pipe cleaner through and fasten at the top, behind the flower. Cut two slits into the leaf and slide up from the bottom.

Viola! Easy peasey!

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

Older kids who want to ratchet up the wow factor, might prefer making more complex tissue paper flowers. Spoonful has a good basic tutorial. A small tag affixed to the flowers can list the prayers and, bonus! serve as a homeschool writing assignment (if you’re so inclined.)

How to Make a Spiritual Bouquet

Look at that. You learned how to make a spiritual bouquet. Finally a craft even young children can make on their own that makes a nice gift, without the use of ANY glitter. Bring on the next feast day or holiday! You’re welcome.

Kelly rode in on her valiant steed and saved this first trimester mom from posting something titled Watch Me Sleep: a vlog! I suppose maybe all y’all should thank her for teaching us how to make a spiritual bouquet because she saved us all from that horrible fate. Thanks, Kelly friend! You are truly a wonderful mother that I look up to.


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    I will be coordinating second grade religious ed this year and will totally be using this with the kids!