How to Make a Bike Flower Planter

Way back in the day, Mike and I used to ride bikes. Like, before we had to hook up trailers and baby seats and extra snacks and sips of water and favorite stuffed animals and all that. I had this cute little yellow road bike that Mike picked up somewhere, and we would just flirt around campus together. So cute.

That hunk of metal has been sitting in our garage for six years just rusting to bits now. And no, that is not a metaphor for our marriage. That is doing just wonderfully, thankyouverymuch.

I’ve been bugging Mike to help me turn it into a bike planter for years, and this year he finally conceded that no one was going to buy it, and I should just have at it.

Wire cutters, please.

Learn how to make a DIY bike flower planter on a Saturday. This project was so easy, and the payout was huge! I actually have people stopping by my house to take photographs of the bicycle.

It was so easy. The hardest part was just getting started. Once I was in it, I was IN it, baby. This was fun!

Want to make your own? Here is how I did it:

How to Make a Bike Flower Planter


Find an old bike that you like. This is a road bike, but you could use any kind you like as long as you dig the silhouette of it. Pay attention to handlebar shape, men’s vs. women’s styles, and other details you prefer.


Clean up that hunk of metal.


Get some sharp wire cutters and start clipping off everything that hangs. The breaks are really going to be the main job.



I also took off any tape or materials that wouldn’t look great covered in spray paint.


Then, I thought I could just cut off the rubber tires, but it turns out, on my bike, the tires had a metal rim inside the rubber. Instead, I just had Mike remove the entire wheel on both back and front, then removed the rubber afterwards.


Use plastic grocery bags and painters tape to cover any parts of the bike you do not want to paint.


I chose silver because I wanted the bike to have a cohesive and more neutral look. I love the idea of white, but white bikes are commonly used to pay respect to bikers who lost their lives on the road. I didn’t want that confusion. Another thing to consider: do you want just the frame to be painted while leaving the hardware silver? Do you want to paint everything to make it look like more of an art piece? Do you want to leave it as is for a “found” look? And, whatever paint you do decide on, make sure it is good for outdoor use. (And, obviously, at this point, we have reattached the wheels.)


Grab at least two baskets and line them with plastic bags. I poked holes all over the bags to create drainage. Then, fill the bag lined baskets with potting soil and the plants of your choice. I prefer plants that tend to creep and crawl and hang and get really big and out of control. It makes the whole thing look so lush!


Attach your baskets with zip ties. I added my baskets to the front and back, but I have also seen them added to the handlebars, crossbar, and wheels. Whatever look you prefer!


Baskets attached. Scored these at a garage sale.


To secure your bike, place it in its final location and use the kickstand to hold it up. You may need to place a flat rock under the kickstand to keep the bike from leaning too far to the side.


We used some U shaped metal anchors to secure the front and back tires into the grass. This bike isn’t going to withstand a tornado, but a heavy rain or a bumbling toddler shouldn’t bother it too much.


My raised beds are doing SO WELL this year. I mean, more than we could ever eat. The neighbors are sick of our salads. This pic is from right when the little seeds were starting to sprout. Aw.


I liked the addition of the herb pot next to it just to give a little balance.


El fin.


So there you have it: How to Make a Bike Flower Planter. It took us a couple of afternoons between disassembling, painting and drying, reassembling and placing it…and photographing the whole process…ahem. Without little kids underfoot and an entire day at your disposal, you could easily do this on a Saturday.

Let me know below if you have any questions. xx

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