Honey, how much do you love me?

Have you ever felt like you are bleeding money?  Of course you have. Don’t we all? Only this past week was different. Most of it was unjustified…until I justified it.
Ok, here is my thought process:
1. Lunch with my cousin: Justified. Mike told me to buy lunch and enjoy myself. So I did. Besides, Krystal brought me some awesome chocolate and good things to sniff, so I essentially was saving money.
2. Two books at Borders: Justified. Two books that I wanted were in the bargain section for $3.99 a piece! How could I pass that up. I might have to pay full price later on, right? Besides, I have been reading the Lord of the Ring series for Mike, and it is seriously cramping my reading style. I needed something to rejuvenate me. I wouldn’t want to lose my zest for reading and become dumb.
3. Lunch for homeless woman and her friend: Justified. She told me I only looked three months pregnant…max! Then she asked for two burgers, chips and a pop. Nice move. It worked, and besides, it is what Jesus would have done.
4. Parking meter: Justified. That’s an easy one. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the law.
5. New underwear: Justified. You cannot walk around with ill-fitting underwear when you are eight months pregnant. You just cannot. It is a rule of pregnancy.
6. Hollywood tape: Justified. You might think it was an impulse buy at the counter, but what if I run out? I love that stuff, and it was there, so I needed it. Ok, maybe I’ll return that one.
7. Popsicles and face lotion: Justified. If you know me, you know I have been craving lime popsicles. I ran out. I needed to get more. Another pregnancy rule. Same with the lotion. I ran out. No-brainer.

8. Coupon organizer from Etsy seller Grandma’s Little Lilly: Justified. Coupons are flying all over my purse. Now they will be organized, and we will save money. Duh. By the way, you have to check them out. Here is the link. Just adorable, and I would highly recommend going with this seller. Cute fabrics, very friendly, and the most organized product I saw after some research. She’s awesome!

9. New comforter and throw pillow: Justified. It was cold outside the other day (believe it or not…), so I decided to walk around Meijer to get a little exercise. I ran across this awesome coverlet and a cute pillow to match, and they were ON SALE! So, again. I was saving money. Besides, it is really nice, and it matches with everything. I will never need another one after this.
I normally don’t ever do this. I am very conscious of saving money. I just went a little crazy last week, and it will never happen again. I’m just considering it like Mike’s speeding ticket he just got. What if I got a speeding ticket? We would be spending that money. So, yeah. It’s like a speeding ticket. Which you have to pay. That’s the law.
But wait. One more confession. Remember how I said that comforter was on sale? It was. In brown. I didn’t buy brown. I asked for a price check, seriously. Then, I couldn’t swallow my pride with a million people behind me and say I didn’t want it. So I bought it. But, I kept the receipt and told Mike I would return it without a peep.
He let me keep it :) How could he not? It’s so cute! And mind you, I wrote this past post before I bought it. I’m no suck-up.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. It will never happen again…

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  1. ... Em says

    All items justified, no fear… specially the underwear point :-) btw, I often ask the same question – but a bit modified — Oh, Money,how much do you love me? :-) unfortunately my mortgage eats a lot :-) so expense priority planning is one of the actual points to solve these days…

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