Guest Posting at Live Called: For Parents with a Spirited Child

You know that moment when your kid goes to bed, you’re lounging around with your sig-o and just lapping up the silence? You know how sometimes you think, “She is so cute when she is sleeping. I just want to snuggle her right now.”? You know how you then think, “Tomorrow I am going to be a better mom. I am going to be more patient with my little one.”? You know how you wake up the next morning to a cranky beast and wonder why you ever thought those thoughts?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I love Ellen so so much much. Ya’ll know that. But sometimes my girl is a little too spirited for me. I need back up. So, today I’m over at Live Called talking about ways to keep your cool in the heat of the moment (sing it now). You know, a little Biblical encouragement for raising your spirited child, if you will.

Away with you. Go and read, and leave a comment, for crying out loud. Sorry, I need to be more patient. har har

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  1. says

    I enjoyed your post at Live Called. I plan to read the rest of the series because my Girl 1 is nothing if not spirited, and Girl 2 is no shrinking violet either. It’s a amazing how a person so little can take every ounce of energy, patience, etc. you have!

    • Jenna says

      I am so glad you enjoyed it! It’s true, they do zap a lot of your energy, and those parenting books just don’t work on the spirited ones. I always appreciate the advice people give me, but if they don’t have a spirited kid, they might not understand why traditional methods are just not right for them :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and I hope the rest of the series helps you and your girls!