Give a Little This Advent: My Fave 3 Charities


My friend Kelly is raising money. Why? She tells it best: “Despite a painful aversion to physical activity, I’m celebrating my 35th birthday by running seven, 5Ks to raise money and awareness for families affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy.”

Check out her site to learn more about her races, the charities involved, and what Spinal Muscular Atrophy is.

And, most importantly, consider making a donation to help her cause.

Mary’s Mantle

Another charity close to my heart. Mary’s Mantle is a Catholic home for homeless, pregnant women. It not only meets the physical needs of its residents (of any denomination), but it also helps them through a program which enables them to provide for themselves. Mary’s Mantle also provides after care for residents who are moved out of the house.

To date, Mary’s Mantle has been home to 32 women and their babies. And, during the Christmas season, the residents are showered with gifts from locals. But, after the holiday season, donations tend to drop off, and residents who come in during the rest of the year are often in need of some essentials. So, Mary’s Mantle is asking you to donate the following items so they can save them for girls year round:

Target or Meijer gift cards
Cash donations (for running the house)
Yoga pants or any stretchy pants all sizes – Black
Twin size sheet sets
Standard size bed pillows
Diapers (very low on size 3 and 4)
Baby clothes all sizes, both boy and girl

Baby bottles large and small
Burp cloths
Baby hats
Breast pads
Fisher Price rock and play
New toys all ages up to four
DVD’s for kids
and as always, toilet paper, paper towel, and sanitary pads.
All donations can be dropped off or mailed to
1977 E. Wattles
Troy, MI 48085

And Then There Were None

One of the most unique charities I know of. This organization, founded by Abby Johnson, is a program that helps abortion clinic workers leave their jobs and find more life-giving work. Why can’t they just leave? Abby elaborates:

“I think it is hard for prolifers to understand what it is like to leave the abortion industry. It is not just leaving a job…for many, it is leaving an identity…leaving a stable income…leaving best friends…”

Help an individual change their life while saving millions of others.



Happy Season of Giving!





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  1. […] 2. I was very naive in thinking my 35K4SMA campaign would be interesting to local media. “Surely, they’d love to do a feature on a mother of five running seven 5Ks!” I thought as I sent off my press releases. But so far, it’s been zilch. I even tried harassing local media personalities on Facebook and Twitter (after a couple of drinks) to no avail. Meanwhile, one of today’s top stories on Yahoo! is what Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter is wearing.  And my local South Jersey paper shares an article on an upcoming Santa run that features scantily clad women. Because I’m not pop royalty or willing to flash my goods, I need grassroots support. So if you can tweet, share, post or email your friends and family about 35K4SMA, I’ll be able to stop writing sour quick takes about it. (For good examples see Maia, Bonnie and Jenna.) […]