Gifts for Guys

Aren’t guys the worst to buy for?

Me: What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?
Mike: I don’t know. Whatever.

Sounds really familiar, I’m sure.

Awhile back I posted a cool gift-giving guide, but sometimes (always) guys take a little more thought. They like useful, boring or expensive stuff most of the time. So, I want to share with you a few ideas I’ve come up with that always go over very well.

To Buy:

Anybody else’s husband want really affordable items like a new flat screen, a mountain bike, another guitar, a stereo system, cha ching cha ching cha ching? As fat as our bank account is (not), I have found a way to get him these items without draining it. I love to buy Mike gift certificates (within our budget!) to a certain store (this year it is Best Buy for a new TV) in different denominations. Then I try to wrap them in different boxes and bags so he has more to open…because we all know more is better, right? Right.

I’m not huge on buying gift certificates; I like being more creative, but he really appreciates these and gets excited about saving for his new item. I try to pick one store each year, and buy the GC for his birthday and Christmas. I also try to get our families involved so he saves up faster.

Other things I have bought/am buying:
Chess set
Favorite team t-shirt
Game of Thrones books
Knife sharpener
Non-stick frying pan
Biking jersey
Beer samplers (make your own 6 packs)

To Make:

If guys are hard to buy for, they are even harder to make for. Here are a few things I have made/am making this year.
Highway T-shirt
Luggage Tag
Infinity Scarf
(made with plaid flannel)
Book Frame

Stocking Stuffers:

Guys like food. Go with (mostly) that: hot sauce, corn nuts, beef jerkey, gum, socks, $5 gift cards, candy bars, AA batteries, almonds, jelly beans, little alcohol bottles, fruit snacks, body wash, floss, ornament, boxers, chapstick, love letter

Any other ideas you have are most most most certainly welcome. What are you giving your guy this year? These are desperate times, ladies. Check out Moxie Wife for more awesome ideas!

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  1. says

    I’ve noticed my husband tends to like toys. I don’t mean big boy toys like tvs or computers (well, I guess he does, but…). He loves knex, so everywhere he gets one of the rollarcoaster ones. I know some guys that are crazy into legos. One of my friends got a spiderman silly string web thrower thing for her little man, and we both know the big man is going to wind up playing with it just as much. Just a little idea.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I love this. I just need ideas, and lots and lots and lots of them. Yesterday, I went shopping, with a $20 budget to fill my Aarons shoes (both of them). Lil’ A was a cinch (can we say balls and cars- the simplest lil’ boy ever!), but Big A was such struggle. I ended up with gum and a would you rather game, for lack of other choices! SO….the more ideas the better!