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Alright, I need your opinion on this:

We live on the second floor of a non-smoking apartment building. The neighbors to our right are smokers (gag me). They love to enjoy their cancer-causing addiction out on their balcony, which is totally legit. You just can’t smoke inside the apartments. Now, here’s the problem. All summer it has been hotter than two boxers in a sock, so we have had to have the air on. Now that is so Fally and nice out, I like to have them open (and have fountain ear). That’s my prerogative. What I do not enjoy is the smoke billowing into my apartment, into my nose, causing me headaches and, worst of all, getting into MY BABY!

We are both within our rights to do what we wish. But, how do I combat this problem? Do I have to shut my windows and run the air because of this? Isn’t it also my right to breathe non-cancerous air? Isn’t it my right to protect my child? What would you do? Let me know in the comment section below.

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    Let them know that the smoke is causing you to have headaches. Ask them if they could smoke in another area where the smoke won’t be blowing into your windows. Tell them that you’re also concerned about the newborn baby breathing in the smoke.

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    Do they work? Maybe you can ask for them to at least smoke outside the enterence of your building or make a deal. For example: can you please not smoke from 10-5 on your balcony.

    Hope you get some smoke-free air soon!

    Love, your twin

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    I agree with what Patricia said.

    I would definitely take the baby with you when you knock on their door and go about it as friendly as possible. Having a friendly face attached to a problem is often all it takes to diffuse a situation. Go ahead and say out loud that it’s an awkward topic, be candid. If they are weird or jerky to you, then you’ll have zero qualms about contacting the landlord or renter’s association.

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    We’ve dealt with this before and they basically told us “tough”. Not much we could do about it as they were within their rights to smoke on the patio. Try asking nicely but be ready for them to say “no” and just leave your windows closed.

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    Thanks for your input, everyone. Now I just need to muster up the courage to do it! I’ll let you know how it goes. Unless I turn into a wienie!