Ellen Chatter


toe jam, anyone?


Ellen loves to interact with the tv shows she watches.
Daniel Tiger: Can you say “friendship?”
Ellen: Friendship!

Dora: Can you say, “Ven conmigo?”
Ellen: Um, no.

Talking to my mom early one morning:
“Mommy tickles the doctor!”
No. No, I don’t.

Looking at a guy who looks exactly like Steve Wasniak:
“Hi Daddy! Daddy hold you?”

My mom said to Ellen the other day, “Nobody puts baby in the corner.”
Ellen in any corner now: Baby in da corner?

When Ellen wants you to hold her upside down: "Upside Downton Abbey?"

When Ellen wants you to hold her upside down:
“Upside Downton Abbey?”

Apparently I was snoring the other day. I doubt it.
Ellen in my face: Mommy? Why you do dat?

New words to old favorites:
“All around da mulberry bush, da robot chase da weasel!”
“The cool kids on da bus go up and down!”
“Once upon a time, der were three mommies.”

Waking up in our bed the other morning:
Me: Good morning, peanut. Are you ready to get up?
Ellen (throwing head on pillow): You gotta be kidding me, mom!

Leaning underneath a teenage boy’s face, and very much in his personal kneeling prayer space at church:
“Boy? You sad?”

Mike had to take Ellen to the back of the church a few Sundays ago for stellar behavior. They walked past a statue of Mary with her hands outstretched.
“Mary? High five?”

Random Phrases:
Hi punk!
Great to meet you!
stuffy nose=snuffy nose
M&Ms=ummy nums
Any noise: What dat mean, mommy?
Mom, I have a question. (usually followed by her laughing and running away…)
Seeing a big cat: fat cat ever!


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  1. says

    :D kid-speak is the best. My 2.5 kittle guy calls M&Ms “emminems”, which is pretty good…but it’s also exactly how he pronounces “vitamins”… Maybe those gummy vites are a little too yummy…!

    • Jenna says

      I am so glad we were visiting that church, because I don’t know if I could go back with a straight face :)