Ellen Chatter + Giveaway

If you’re here for the Joules, scroll on down. I gots mines from Joules themselves, but opinions are all my own. If you’re here for cute kid words, look no further:


Watching a commercial of a girl eating fruit (that we’ve seen too many times):
(annoyed) “Mom, that girl always picks the plum…”


Ellen woke up the other day, and before saying a word, let out a nice, loud toot and sleepily proclaimed,
“It said, ‘Good Morning.'”

Ellen: Mom, is Ms. Amanda (her swim teacher) married yet?
Me: Um, I think she is getting married tomorrow.
Ellen: Oh, so is she her usual self today?

“Dad, when we make the sign of the cross, do we turn into the Body of Christ?”
I feel like this is one of those deep, philosophical thoughts that I can say “yes” to?


Seeing a picture of Red Rocks Amphitheater:
“That’s where Jesus went to college.”

Dropping a bucket of crayons on the ground:
“Aw, crickets!”
or another:
“Oh, double mix!!”

After spilling water on myself: Ellen, I am going to go up and change my shirt.
Ellen: And change your booby covers. They are wet too. You’re going to have to improvise.


Screaming because Sam was coming toward her.
Me: Ellen, you’ve got to stop that. It’s ok. I love him. He is my son.
Ellen: Well, he’s not MY son.

Getting out of the car at night:
“Dad! I can’t see anything. I need to eat some carrots.”

Talking to my mom:
“When we get home I want to watch Frozen, and you can fast forward through the scary…wait…no no no. The TV is too tricky for you.”

Me: You can do a lot of things now that you are a big girl.
Ellen: Yeah, I can share. I can get dressed. I can put on my shoes. And I know to itch my butt on the outside of my underwear. My dad taught me that.

Ellen is really into rhyming these days:
Me: Ellen, you’re snuggly-wuggly.
Ellen: Mom, you’re fugly.

Joules Giveaway

Did ya like that chatter? Did ya like those wellies? How about these wellies? We love the Joules wellies.

Ellen totally rocked them out with her shorts, but I am also planning on putting some warm socks on her and using them as snow boots for the short bursts of time I allow them out to play in the snow during winter.

I am a big fan of mixing patterns, so I paired my bee wellies with my rose leggings, and today I wore them with acid wash jeans. What fun are patterns if you can’t expertly clash them?



5% of the sale of the Black Bees wellies will be donated to the British Bee Keepers Association. I am not a fan of bees, but I actually would never want to see them go. They are kind of important.

Want your own pair of Joules Olive Horse Print Wellies? Rafflecopter, my friends.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.14.23 PM

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    • says

      Is this where I admit that I freqlentuy stir nut butter, maple syrup, and cinnamon together in a bowl and eat it with a spoon? I need to swap the spoon for a sturdy cookie.

    • says

      Opa baixando e ja ouvindo! Quero ganhar o livro O Cofre do Dr. Rui.PS: Pelo jeito da foto a Viciada em História daria uma ótima modelo de babylook para as fotos das camisetas! Algo temático seria bom mas acho que precisa de mais alguns casts para juntar mais frases para ítens até mesmo como canecas como a do Nerdcast, já adianto que me tragam fotos do homem aranha e ainda bem que isso não acontece hoje tem que estar presentes nas camisetas ou no que fizerem!

  1. Sarah Mason says

    Oh geez, so much to choose from. I think right now, with a boy on the way any day…a nice baby boy snowsuit would be great. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. denise says

    I love anything .that has to do with sewing and I’m sooo grateful. that i get anything thank you i hope u have a awesome holiday and you are such a awesome person thank you

  3. says

    There are wellies with chickens on them?! SO CUTE.

    Also – Ellen – ha! Scratching her bum on the outside of her underwear… that’s an important life skill!

  4. says

    These quotes are SO funny! Kids are clever and innocent at this age, love it!

    Pretty sure we would go with some black wellies for my 20 month old as he currently owns no boots of any sort.

  5. Marissa says

    Pretty sure I’m super pumped shed learned to scratch outside the underwear. That’s a needed lesson over here too!!!

    • says

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  6. Marissa says

    Also, I can’t decide between the strip print, the lace up or the premium w a bow. Pretty sure these are my new fav boots

  7. says

    We become the Body of Christ! Absolutely! Love your little girl’s deep insights. And I really need to eat more carrots in the dark. Love those boots!