Ellen Chatter

Ellen picking her nose (and eating it!!!) in the backseat:
My mom: Ellen, what are you doing?
Ellen: Mima! A princess needs to eat, you know.


Yelling to Mike after he gave her a La Croix:
“Hey Mike! Is this a beer?”

Walking quickly through the mall dragging Ellen behind me:
“I can’t live like this!”


“Oh. Hey, mom. I’m just, you know, reading. About the times. Can you help me up?”

After Ellen’s MRI:
Me: The dr. said you need to lay down for a nap a shut your eyes.
Ellen: The dr. said you need to shut your mouth.


My Mom: Ellen, why did you throw your toothbrush in the garbage?
Ellen: Mima, it’s not meant for forever.


“This is my dark face.”

After telling her for the fifth time not to do something, and now needing to yell:
“Jenna Hines! You need to be nice to people!”


“Mom, I’m as beautiful as a boom box.”




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  1. says

    Ha! The doctor said you need to shut your mouth. Still giggling over that one. It’s good to write these posts because they *are* funny later. Not in the moment, but much muuuuuuch later.