Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! He is risen! We went to Mass this morning.


We gave Ellen her first Easter basket. I don’t believe in toys for Easter, only candy to celebrate Jesus’ rising. But, since Ellen can’t have candy, she got a little bunny and basket toy and a book about the meaning of Easter! 
My sister-in-law and I made strawberries and oranges, sausage bites, hard-boiled and scrambled eggs with sausage, Belgian waffles, orange juice and marshmallow bunnies for brunch.
Then, we took Ellen to another zoo!
We got to see Chloe the sloth up close. She was adorable, and my love for sloths grew even more! They are easily one of my favorite creatures on Earth.
Then, we happened upon my new favorite place in the whole world. I’m pretty sure that when I go to heaven, this will be my bedroom.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter filled with beauty and food and family and joy and thanks. Here is your Gospel reflection for today! Now we are off to make Easter dinner: ham, GBC, mashed potatoes, salad and pies.
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  1. Jen @ Caved In says

    Oh I love sloths. Seriously. Mike has to pull me away from them at the zoo because I keep talking to them. He claims he’s “embarrassed”. Whatever. And your lunch looks ah-mazing! I had a cereal bar thrown in my face by a pissy toddler for breakfast. Not my ideal choice.