Dressing for Staying at Home – The Rule of 3

Ever since I started reading Laura’s series on Style & the SAHM, I’ve been inspired to get my act together, and by act, I mean my wardrobe. I have SO MANY clothes. But, you know what? I never wear them. It’s the same faves day in and day out. So, I set out to do two things:

1. Pare down my wardrobe so I only own things I will wear

2. Wear them!

Outfit ideas for staying at home - Find out how the Rule of 3 will change the way you dress by making itso much easier!

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Let’s talk about the second part of that since Laura did a swell job with the first. I’m over at Fountains of Home with the rest of the deets that are sure to make you go hmm. Some links affiliate.

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    Ah! So cute!! I have all these clothes that I’m sentamentally attached to and even though they don’t fit, I can’t get rid of them! WHAT DO I DO?!?!

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      Imagine explaining to a poor person who needs clothes (and who would fit into yours) that you’d love to help, but you just can’t….because you like to hoarde stuff….”Sorry you have nothing to wear, but not that sorry!” That would be awkward, right? That’s what’s happening every time we hoarde instead of sharing of our bounty, we just don’t have to face it in this lifetime. I can’t remember the saint who said that everything that was in surplus of what you really needed was theft from the poor.

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