Dipping Our Toes in the Homeschool Pond


It’s not easy adopting a lifestyle with which you have no prior experience.

And, I need your help talking me down from my crazy cloud. Read my latest at CatholicMom.com to help find a cure for my insanity.

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    I’m a planner by nature too and I love learning all I can on education related anything! My son, 3 years old, goes to a daycare a few days a month with a “preschool” program worked in and honestly, those women love what they’re doing, but the kids don’t really care about “school” at that age. They learn more from reading through hundreds of picture books with you and exploring with their toys.

    One trick I love is leaving “educational” items out mixed in with normal play. Yesterday he pulled out the “BOB” pre-reader books I’ve had for a while and has been reading those with me. We pulled out one that happened to be about sorting and a little while later we were sorting buttons by coloring from a box in my craft supplies. Spur of the moments, quality “education” without the stress.

    That all being said I’ve passed a lot of time planning out the classical education I want for my kids in detail. But right now I’m really seeing the benefits of just letting him have a childhood and develop his loving of learning first.

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    I don’t homeschool (no kids yet, sigh), but I was homeschooled all the way from third grade through high school. You’d be crazy if you weren’t a little nervous or insane for doing it, but I think you’ll find that the benefits it will someday give your kids will make it all worthwhile! My mom is still homeschooling my much-younger siblings, and she’s started all of them out with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It’s a simple book, quick lessons, and a good way to “dip a toe” into the idea of homeschooling.

    Then, if you’re worried about high school (cause that’s what most mothers of toddlers seem to be concerned with haha!), you can always use, or copycat, some programs like Seton Home School, Our Lady of Divine Grace, etc. But you probably don’t need that yet.
    Good luck and check out that reading book; it’s a good starter and very educational :)