Dear Ellen, I’m Scared.

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My Ellen Girl,

We’ve got a good little schedule going right now, don’t we? You climb in my bed around 8am – for the love of everything holy, thank you!, and we “nuggle nuggle” (your words, not mine). You ask for an “awful waffle and milk” and we get our day started. You play well alone and always let me know when you need mommy playtime. We even have a great thing going when I shower: you watch me (we clearly need to work on modesty), and then hand me my towel when I’m done. Thanks for that. We sing, we wrestle, we color, we learn about not picking our nose. We’ve got it good here right now. And, in May, things are going to change…just a tiny bit.

To read the rest, head over to Dear Mimi, From Mama. You remember Shelly, right? She wrote this awesome post for me the other day. Come find out why I’m scared and how we’re going to get through it. Maybe offer your advice too. Eh?

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  1. says

    Change is scary! Why does everything always have to change? I read somewhere the other day that the sooner we realize and adapt to the fact that life is fluid and not stationary the easier life will be. I thought the word “fluid” was a great description. Nothing ever stays the same. Fortunately, a new baby is a good change and although it will have it’s challenges (just like bringing home Ellen from the hospital did/does) it will all be worth it! Plus, I will hand you a line from my very own therapist, free of charge – embrace the learning curve and kick your fear to the curb! I felt this same way that you do when I was pregnant with Emma. Remind yourself that you are a gosh darn good mom and you worked out the change from having no kids to having Ellen and you will do it again from having one kid to having two. You will find time for me time, Ellen time, and baby boy time and even Mike time too! Give yourself time though to figure things out and be kind to yourself. You and I are also a lot alike in that we have high expectations of ourselves. However, even when you are just sitting around you are still doing something my friend. You are breathing and sometimes that is all we need to do!!! I love you!

    • Jenna says

      Liz, two sisterly love comments in one week? You win an award or something. I’m so glad I have you to talk me down too! I love you xo

  2. says

    It is an overwhelming thought to add another baby to the mix. (I’m adding #4 in a month…yikes!) But you know so much more on what to expect the second time around. And that new baby fits into the mix so quickly that you can’t think of what life was like before they arrived. You will do great! And so will Ellen! :)

    • Jenna says

      Thanks, Tricia. You know, nothing has ever happened in my life that didn’t work out in the end. When will I learn? You’re totally right. It’s going to be so natural after a while :)