Catholic Pick Up Lines

Have we all seen this? If we have not, we must.

har. har. right? Got a good one? Leave it in the comment section below!
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  1. Have you heard the “Catholic Love Song” by David Casper? It is a whole song devoted to Catholic pick up lines!

  2. I’ve not gotten into the whole tumblr thing yet but maybe I should!! These are very funny!! About to show them to my Catholic other half. We’ll see if he finds them funny :)


  3. St. Teresa must have heard my novena, you are a beautiful rose.

  4. Let’s get out of here and grab a coffee over at Faith@Work.

  5. Bstar0306 says:

    I love this tumblr! Another good tumblr is Catholicproblems. I follow all sorts of crazy meme’s on tumblr.

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