Catholic 101: Things the Pope Says

catholic 101

You’ve probably heard the news: the Pope is changing some major Catholic teachings that have been a point of contingency with the general public for a long time. Welp, you heard wrong. Let’s hear things correctly, shall we?

The things the Pope has said? This is what the church has been saying alllllll along; there is nothing new. Catholics feel like we can finally say, “Yes. This is what we have been trying to tell you. Do you get it now?” We have always loved the sinner and hated the sin. Maybe you have run into some Catholics in your life who didn’t practice this very well, but that doesn’t change what the church believes.

There are real risks that come with the way Pope Francis is talking about these things. He will be misunderstood—sometime through ignorance, sometimes through malice—and those who want to use his words to undermine the Church’s long-standing teaching will be given the opportunity to do so.- CV

Again: nothing has changed; it never will.

Don’t misunderstand: we are not condoning any of these behaviors. We are simply saying that a person is greater than the sum of his or her sins, and we must treat all humanity with respect and love if we are to bring them into the one true church.

So, don’t get excited because non-Catholic news sources have found another way to sell papers by misinterpreting what the Pope is saying. We don’t like your sin, but we love you. We have always loved you. We will never stop loving you. We want you to come to the church.

Nothing new here.

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    I have always been a believer and advocate of loving the sinner but not the sin. People so often find it hard to do this. And I wonder how it can be so hard to do when we all sin. I wouldn’t want my family or others to not love me because I misstep from time to time. We can’t lead people to Christ, who say is all about love and forgiveness and humanity, if we don’t practice those very same traits ourselves!