Blog with a Bow: My 5 Favorite Gifts for Bloggers

Out with the laptop cases and Starbucks gift cards. We got that covered. If you want to bless a blogger, try some of my favorite blogging gifts:

-1- Ad Space

Offer your blogging friend some free ad space for a month or two, or purchase ad space on her site. Either way, your pal gets exposure for her site or a little extra cash from your ad. Winning either way.

-2- Comments, Shares and Follows

This is the reason we blog: to interact with readers. So, if you like something your friend has written, leave a comment, share it on social media, follow them in a way you don’t yet do. It’s like Christmas every time I open Instagram and see that little legless silhouette popping up at me.

-3- Facebook Gift Cards

I love promoting via Facebook, but it costs money to get content to the right people. Send you techster a FB credit to show him you care about his reach.

-4- Business Cards, Flyers or Other Swag

I know that the design of these might be a personal thing, but try to match the colors and theme of your blogger’s site to the advertisements. Or, let her pick our her own. I find that physical marketing has not lost its value in the Internet age.

-5- Blog with a Bow from Viva the Blog


You know I was going there, right?

Right now until Christmas, get 20% off The Start Up Package or The Advanced Package with a Simple Blog Setup for you, a blogging friend, or anyone else you know! Want to wrap it up? Let us know and we will email you a sweet flyer to give to your buddy.

Bonus? You get to Skype with moi!


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  1. Ooh. I’m pimping this out to my family HAH.

  2. Awesome list. I’m pretty sure I’d love just about any of those :-)

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