What are we being asked to do?

We don’t want to ignore social injustice. We want to feel like we are informed and involved. But, what does that look like? How do we take real action within events which we feel we have no control over?


How can I bring back the Nigerian girls? How can I save those who are being slaughtered for their faith? What can I really do to help innocent civilians during a violent coup d’etat?

Sure, I can pray. And I do. But, it would be catechetically wrong to say that God asks us to pray and then He takes care of the rest all by Himself. More often than not, God puts it on our hearts to take action; we are His hands. He inspires us to do His work.

So, we pray. But what are we being asked to do? I don’t have an answer to this, but maybe you do.


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  1. says

    I don’t have any answers either, but I think this all the time, about all the problems, especially ones that feel too big for me to be of any use. I hope someone comments with something concrete that average moms like us can do.

  2. Annette H says

    I think in general, writing to a congressman or senator is helpful in situations that they might be of use. It’s already helping with the situation in Nigeria. In general, just TALKING about something can help to raise awareness of issues that we may not be in the position to do something about, but others are. We have to evaluate each situation on it’s own.