(Anatomy of a) 7 Quick Takes vol. 18

— 1 —
Have you ever thought about what goes into a 7 Quick takes? Would you like to do one, but you just don’t know how? Well, here is the tutorial for you. I like to start off with the one thing that I actually did this week. Let’s be honest. I don’t do more than that. I fancy it up with a picture and make it sound super fab. Then you’re sucked in. You’re all, “This girl is so fun! She really makes the most out of life. Look at that picture!”
Farmers Market Today
I don’t even have my own pictures from our week. Lame.

— 2 —
And then, I might have one more piece of news. It will be slightly less interesting, but I’ll try and make it funny so that you keep fueling my desire for Internet attention via el blog-o.

— 3 —
At this point, I am out of content. I start to think, “Is that really all I did this week? What have I been thinking about lately? Nothing? Oh ok.” Hmm. Check email. Browse Pinterest. Look for inspiration. I know! I will add a link. Links are great. Good content and none of the work. Phew.
— 4 —
Ok, that link thing really worked. I think I can get away with it for one more take.
— 5 —
Obligatory Some ecard: 
 someecards.com - Let's temporarily avoid each other's blogs, tweets and Facebook updates so we have something to talk about on our date

— 6 —

For take 6, you start by making a mental note to get out of the house and do more interesting things. The grocery store, library and playgrounds aren’t going to cut it. So, here I like to update you on something Ellen related. It will be a complaint, but I will make it sound upbeat and funny. We will all laugh about how we have been there.

Or, perhaps I will enlighten you with something political or religious. But, that is unlikely.
— 7 —
Finally, shamelessly share a picture of your children. Like this:
Mayo thief.

And there you go. The anatomy of a 7QT. You’re welcome.

Oh, and then, you always gotta share the love. For more Quick Takes, visit Jen.
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  1. mary says

    oh my gosh. I loved that meme. The husband doesn’t really ‘do’ the social networking like I do, so at the end of the day, I am always filling him in on the things that have went down :)

  2. Liz T says

    Mayo thief! Ellen is defnitely related! I saw first hand how much mayo we go through at the Timmerman house on a weekly basis! xoxo I miss that little condiment crook!

  3. sugarplums andlollipops says

    I there! I found you on the Blog Hop and am now following you :) I’d love a follow back at sugarplumsandlollipops.blogspot.com and Pinterest! I follow back all my Pinterest followers!

  4. says

    ohmygosh, I had this exact conversation with my hubby yesterday. He thinks I need to get out and see some friends that don’t require an electronic gadget to connect with. Touche.

    Oh, and I originally was going to comment on this post in general. Loved it! (but i won’t mention it to my hubby.) ;-)