7QT: Getting Ish Done + a fashion issue I need your help with.


I am on fu-fu-fire this week trying to get this house in order. We started with the basement. Amazing, I know, right? It keeps getting better. Wait! Don’t go…




Then I made these ornaments because I had a burst of my previous craftiness show up for a spell. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come? I did start teaching myself to embroider this week. Go ahead and laugh. Don’t care.

PicMonkey Collage


I updated my home management binder with all sorts of new meal plans (with only preservative-free food..what what!) and cleaning schedules to motivate myself. You’re learning a lot about me right now, aren’t you?

And, it might be too good to be true, but the Kroger brand Simply Truth? Apparently it is all preservative-free. Hold on to your keyboards: I’m thinking of switching grocery stores for that reason.


I even got back on my workout horse. Let’s see how long that lasts. What did Ellen and I do this morning? Tae Bo. My fellow Foley-ites: tell me this doesn’t bring back memories of seminar day in Freshmen gym class? In other DVD news, I am on the hunt for Zumba DVDs that don’t cost me all of my hard cider money. Keep a digital eye out, ok?


At this point it shouldn’t surprise you that I organized the junk drawer and the front coat closet. Which brings me to a little issue that I need your help with. I have two brown puffy vests that I love no matter if they are in style or not. But, I feel guilty having two. But they are so different. #firstworldproblems, I know. Anyway, tell me your thoughts. The J.Crew is on the left and the Burton is on the right. Which do I keep?




We also signed Ellen up for a music class (over swim lessons because I had to get into the pool too + I just had Sam Bone six weeks ago = haha nope.). She’s diggin’ it, and as Jen pointed out to my dismay, this kid is diggin’ it too. Step back, little dude.



Am I telling you all of this to make you feel bad? Nope. Come back next week to read 7QT: Pride Before the Fall Edition. And, for the record, I am watching copious amounts of Parks and Rec each and every day. No shame.

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  1. asiankim says

    I would keep both. Also I need to come over eventually. I have a resident that asks every time I work if I have gone to your town yet lol. Every. time. I. work.